Friday, April 28, 2006

Because Everybody Loves Pezz!

No, not the candy...

A very good friend of mine named Marvin Stockwell played in a band called Pezz that released several damn good punk CDs in years past. Their other guitarist is a peace activist that has been to Iraq three times and the Palestinian Territories once.

Well, they're reuniting for a show this Saturday night at The Rally Point at 616 Highland.

The event is a CD release party for While I Breathe I Hope. The show supposedly starts at 8 PM (Has anyone ever been to a rock & roll show that started on time? But don't be TOO late--- It's not like these guys have Axl Rose singing).

The show will be opened by Silent Parade and Fletch Joyner, with PEZZ going on before the headliners.

The $7 cover charge gets you a full length CD of the new release by While I Breathe I Hope, Long Live the King.

Click here to go to Pezz's Myspace page and listen to audio samples or here to sample While I Breathe I Hope.

This is the first of Pezz's two scheduled reunion shows. Let's hope they book even more.


Marvin just emailed me with the details for the second of the two Pezz reunion shows.

Skatepark of Memphis
7740 Trinity Road #118
Cordova, TN
Sat 5/6/06 7pm $8


autoegocrat said...

Fucking-a. Pezz. Wow.

Memphis used to have a great hardcore scene.

Freedonian said...

Hardcore hasn't traditionally been my thing, but I liked what I heard when I listened to Pezz.

Before he lent me a copy of one of their CDs the other day, I was excited about this show, and looking forward to watching a friend play. After listening to the CD, I'm looking forward to the music too.