Saturday, April 29, 2006

Book Him, Danno!

And the "Couldn't Have Happened To a Nicer Guy" Award goes to Rush Limbaugh (Seen here in his booking photo from yesterday)!

When Darryl Strawberry was crying, begging the court to help him tackle a drug problem that was stronger than he was, this is the prick that was making fun of him for it.

I'm all for creative sentecing, so here's my recommendation.

Limbaugh wants drugs so bad? Let him have them. We can make him part of an FDA program to experiment with new ones. If it doesn't kill Rush, it gets approved.

In all reality, I wish the best to anyone who's attempting to tackle a serious drug problem. I hope he beats it.

But I also hope the prick remembers this struggle the next time he has the chance to take a cheap shot at someone who's facing struggles of their own.

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