Thursday, April 27, 2006

Damn Liberal Media... Right.

I wrote this after a frustrating night watching Action News on WMC (Channel 5). They ran a teaser several times during Dateline NBC (I was watching because I love it when the pervs that pursue teenagers on the internet get their comeuppance!) that used the term "voter fraud" in relation to a story where... Well, you can read the letter.

I'm damn tiredof this. Conservatives have done a very effective job convincing people that the media is liberal by "working the ref". Think of a basketball game--- Whjen there's the slightest contact between players, the one on the receiving end of the contact will hit the deck and act like he's been hit by a truck. As a result, the referee watches the other guy like a hawk all night, and generally ignores what the other guy does.

It's high time we start playing the game the same way.

From: Rick Maynard [] Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 12:28 PMTo: ''; ''Subject: Your 4/26 Steve Mulroy Story

I was watching Dateline last night and saw an interesting news promo. “He represents Ophelia Ford and is running for County Commission. But did Steve Mulroy’s wife commit voter fraud?” Having met Mr. Mulroy before, I found this a bit surprising, so I watched your news coverage.

And I feel that a round of congratulations to your news staff are in order. For you have managed to find voter fraud where there was indeed no vote cast. A first in the annals of crime, I do believe. After last night’s story, I’m genuinely looking forward to your hard hitting exposé of the car theft ring that never actually stole a car.

For a moment, I thought I was watching “Minority Report”, and you were covering crimes that had not even been committed yet. Even that fails to make sense, as Amy Mulroy updated her voter registration before ever casting a vote that was tied to that address and well before your would-be Sean Hannity called it “voter fraud”.

As I watched your coverage of the voteless “voter fraud”, I asked myself “Are these people supporters of Joe Cooper’s? Were they perhaps starstruck by him getting that master thespian Larry the Cable Guy to do his automated calls?”

Then I saw your coverage of the gas crisis. In that “Fair and Balanced” piece, your news team managed to complain about Democrats making an issue out of high gas prices more than you complained about the high gas prices themselves, which were a byproduct of several failed Republican-instituted policies. If all of your coverage looked like that, you would accuse the widow of a murder victim of being a “whiner” and let the killer off the hook.

Alone, the Mulroy hatchet job didn’t tell me much. Coupled with your gas crisis story (“While the president has ordered an investigation into price gouging, some say Democrats are using the gas price issue for their political gain”), it becomes much more apparent what was actually happening.

Your ham-fisted attempt at influencing the political process has been duly noted. I hear there’s an opening at Fox News--- Perhaps you should submit résumés. This kind of coverage would fit right in over there. For the record, I hope I’m being overly harsh on you. I don’t watch your newscast as often as I should, and perhaps last night was an aberration rather than a pattern.

But you can bet I’ll be watching closely for the remainder of this election season. And I sincerely hope that I’ll see less coverage out of your news team that reads like something written by Mike Fleming.

Rick Maynard

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