Sunday, April 30, 2006

Everybody STILL Loves Pezz!

What can i say? I may be a little biased here, but I think Pezz stole the show.

As good as While I Breathe, I Hope played I can honestly say that it looks to me like the crowd thinned out once Pezz left the stage. Not a lot, mind you--- The difference may well have been that there were a lot of old bastards like me out there that showed up specifically to see Pezz.

Punk rock has traditionally not been my thing. But I really enjoyed Pezz's set. One of the greatest moments was when I looked up and saw a crowd gathered in front of Marvin's microphone stand. It's been years since these guys have played out, and they had a loyal fan following that still knew all the words to their songs. What better could you hope for in a reunion show? There are bands with platinum albums that should hope for that.

In addition to Marvin, I finally got to meet the other guitarist/ vocalist in the band, Ceylon Mooney. I had heard a great deal about Ceylon from Marvin, and he was everything I expected. He's a peace activist that has taken three trips to Iraq since the war ended, and one trip into the Palestinian territories.

Fletch Joyner opened the show, and he was quite impressive. He's very young, and I think his music could best be described as "punk unplugged". He has a unique sound all his own, although I suspect that fans of Bright Eyes and Death Cab For Cutie may like him. He also showed refreshing social awareness by promoting a demonstration at Crichton College last night designed to pressure our government into pressuring the Congolese government to do something about the child soldiers of that nation. I hope to hear more about that in the near future.

I didn't really get to listen to Silent Parade. The little of their set that I heard sounded quite promising, though.

While I Breathe, I Hope has a very interesting sound. They're a three guitar band, so the sound is a bit thicker than you're accustomed to hearing out of a punk band. Maybe this is my limited experience with punk rock showing through, but when I think of punk, I think of the looseness of the Sex Pistols. The Sex Pistols may or may not have all started their song at the same tempo during a live show, but they rarely ended on the same tempo. None of that with WIBIH--- They're a very tight six-piece outfit. Their singer is very charismatic and was fully in control of a crowd that hung on his every word.

Lest you think the Pezz reunion is simply a nostagia thing, let me tell you this. I bumped into a young girl from my church at the show last night who hadn't heard of Pezz before. But she became a fan last night.

They've got one more show at the Skate Park this weekend. Whether or not there will be any in the future, I would imagine. depends on the response to these shows.

Last night was a hell of a start.


Wintermute said...

Caught the link; and it has been reciprocated. Thanks!

Freedonian said...

Thanks, Winter! I didn't really intend it as tit-for-tat--- I just followed the link on your profile and liked your site.

autoegocrat said...

C. Moonie is one of the most badass motherfuckers I have ever had the honor to meet in my entire life.

autoegocrat said...

Sorry I misspelled his name: C. MOONEY.

I've spent too much time with the Unification Church.

Freedonian said...

Ceylon is great. It's hard to imagine anyone not liking him. We should all know someone like him.