Thursday, April 27, 2006

Local Roundup

My impressions of a few of the candidates running in local races.

First and foremost, Reginald Fentress is the real deal in the District 2, Position 2 race. I make no secret of my association with him--- Nor would I. I'm quite proud of it, actually. Getting to know him and his beautiful family has been wonderful. If everyone knew a fraction of what I know about this man, the returns for Melvin Burgess and Henri Brooks would indicate that not even their entire immediate families voted for them.

Steve Mulroy--- What a guy. He's smart. He's capable. He used to work for the Justice Department. His opponent should be investigated by the Justice Department. Honestly, I had a tougher time deciding what the hell to have for lunch today. And to tell you what an easy choice that was, I haven't grocery shopped in a couple of days, so all I had in the kitchen were protein shakes.

Deidre Malone. She's running unopposed, so enjoy a well-deserved rest until the general election!

Sidney Chism. Please, please, please--- If you live in District 3, vote for CLEO KIRK. I know he's not eligible to hold the office again, but you know what? After seeing the leadership that Chism brought to the Democratic Party, I can honestly say that District 3 would be better represented by a piece of unattended furniture than Sidney Chism. If Kirk wins, the choice goes to the Shelby County Democratic Party, which sadly means that it could well be Chism anyway. Lord knows the party's been duped into serving his purposes enough. But make him sweat. Please. I beg of you.


David Holt said...

Welcome to the local blogosphere man.

Freedonian said...

Thank you for the welcome and for the plug, my friend.

LeftWingCracker said...

OK, time for me to link you up..

Holt sent me here, with good reason, I see.

Freedonian said...

Thank you, Steve. I'm putting you in my links. Excellent blog.

PeskyFly said...

I think Junior's the new Daniel Day Lewis--- a much better actor than Kevin. But that's neither here nor there. Good stuff--- and welcome to Blogtopia.

Freedonian said...

Thank you, Pesky! I'm honored to be in such company.

You may well be right about Harold. *Sigh* This is what I'm telling myself so I don't have to pinch my nose so damn hard. If I succeed in deluding myself, it makes all the difference in whether I look like WC Fields or not.

Anonymous said...

People like Joe Cooper and William B. Tanner represent the lowest form of humanity. I was once invited to have a social dinner with William B. Tanner and a name sixty percent of the people in the United States would quickly recognize. I told the third party that there was no way I would sit at the same table with William B. Tanner. The other party referred to above turned the invitation down after I did.

The above is how I feel about Tanner. I heard he walked into a prestigious club in Memphis and asked for an application to join.
He wasn't even handed the application.

Tanner and his associates were, those still living or not in jail or under indictment are liars and scum.
I'm only sorry Tanner died before he could be jailed for bribing a judge.
Look at the life Tanner gave his sons. Any Ford is a saint compared to Tanner, may his soul burn in hell.

Cooper is a broken spitting image of Tanner.