Thursday, May 25, 2006

And the Winner for "World's Stupidest Bastard" is...

... whoever is handling the Tom DeLay Legal Defense Fund.

Apparently, he was the only person in the world dumb enough to believe that Stephen Colbert was actually a right winger after the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Take a look at the email sent out by the Tom DeLay Legal Defense Fund, courtesy of ThinkProgress:

Hollywood liberal and Michael Moore wannabe Robert Greenwald (known for his attacls on Wal-Mart and Fox News) crashed and burned on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report (watch it at when promoting his new attack on Tom DeLay. He even admits their reason for producing the movie (and clearly Ronnie Earle's reason for participating) - to keep Republicans from gaining power in Congressional seats across the country. Tom DeLay was successful in bringing legal and constitutional redistricting to Texas, and since Democrats couldn't win in the legislature or at the ballot box, they used the only resources they had left - liberal Hollywood and a nutty, partisan DA with limited knowledge of the facts and the law. The producers of this political mockumentary claim they were trying to put together a fair and balanced piece, yet what they put out is a piece of leftist propaganda with the cooperation of District Attorney Ronnie Earle.

I now see that Autoegocrat posted this over at Pesky Fly earlier. I just now saw it. My bad, guys.


PeskyFly said...

Hey, trash can steal from trash. Besides, we stol it from other trash.

And it's genius.

Freedonian said...

Yeah, but I'm usually careful to check the other local blogs to see if someone else gets it first.

For whatever reason, I have trouble getting your blog to open in IE. Please take this as the compliment that it is--- Your site is well worth the second browser I downloaded so I could read it. You guys are my Netscape homepage.

But I forgot to open it.