Monday, May 08, 2006

Idiot of the Week - Sully Erna

Big shock - A guy from the band Godsmack has slightly less brain activity than could be found in the average toadstool. This could explain why they've spoken out quite consistently in defense of invading Iraq.

You know, if you're licensing your music out to the military to use in recruiting commercials, just have the balls to say that the price was right.

Keep this interview in mind should you ever consider buying a Godsmack CD. It will probably make you want to pick up the new Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen.

Arthur Magazine

SULLY: I’m not saying that we were right on every war that we’ve created. I know that we’ve been damn wrong at times about stuff—
JAY [interrupting]: When have we been wrong?
SULLY: [yelling] but they have also been wrong too!
JAY: When have—
SULLY [interrupting]: I don’t trust someone like fuckin’ Sadaam and Osama to come in here and try to control—
JAY: [interrupting, incredulous] When did Sadaam try to come in here and control our country?
JAY: Why am I here?!? This is the top country in the world, my friend!
SULLY: Well, why do you think so? Because it’s PROTECTED.
JAY: No, it’s not because it’s—
SULLY [interrupting]: –ruled our country.
JAY: No one is attacking us, my friend. Certainly not Iraq. Every first world nation suffers terrorist attacks. Get used to it.
SULLY: I am used to it. I don’t have a problem—
JAY: Get used to it..
SULLY: [laughs] Sounds like you do.
JAY: You’re the one that’s saying it’s alright to not know about stuff and then to send other people to die in our name.
SULLY: I never said that! Don’t put fuckin’ words in my mouth.
JAY: I’ve got it on tape, bro.
SULLY: You’ve got in on tape, bro?!?
JAY: Yeah.


Laura said...

How lame. You didn't even post the whole interview. If you had, you would have seen that Sully OWNED has ass. That guy was such a jerk to Sully - Godsmack is a rock band, they do interviews about their MUSIC, and it was very unprofessional for this journalist to attack Sully like that.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Sully owned that guy? Sounds more like THAT guy OWNED Sully - if Sully was winning the argument then why was he shouting like an idiot in between admitting that he doesn't know any of the facts surrounding this war!

Oh, yeah, and it seems that the ONE thing more dumber than Erna are all the idiots who support him!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, is there any videotape or anything that could prove that Sully was shouting?..If it's not,I can't believe it,and not because Sully,and the band is something I really love. It's because the media in anyways lying. And thats make me suspicious.

P.S.: I think it's unproffesional,that the interviewer interrupting him..I would yelling with him,if he does it with me..