Friday, May 26, 2006

Is There Anything We Can't Commercialize?

146 more Americans died in Iraq last month. That brings the grand total to 2460 as of this writing. 2323 have died since George W. Bush's costume party aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

And of course, this is Memorial Day Weekend--- That time of year that we gather around to remember our fallen soldiers by... shopping.

I've been bombarded by Memorial Day sale emails. Circuit City, Best Buy, CompUSA, and let's not even get into my junk mail folder (Okay, penile enlargement might be okay, but if I'm a customer for that, what are the odds that I might need all natural breast enhancement too? Okay, theoretically, I may be Marilyn Manson).

But is this really what Memorial Day is supposed to be about? Is Memorial Day supposed to be about 25% discounts at Crazy Bob's Stereo Store?

Here's a radical proposal for Memorial Day---

Take the day off from shopping. The only way to reverse the crass commercialization of dead soldiers is to make sure that the pricks that make their employees work that day have a really shitty one.

Freed up some time by doing your shopping early? Good.

A great way to spend it is by watching the HBO show "Baghdad ER". It will be shown again at 9PM CST on Memorial Day (In horrifyingly high definition for those who have it). As you watch these heartbreaking stories play out on your television screen, you can't get this one thought out of your head: We have to stop this.

Perhaps THAT is truly the best way to honor our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day--- By thinking about ways to keep from adding to their number.

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