Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Think about your love life for a minute here.

You're smart, you're funny. You're good looking, if maybe not Russell Crowe. You're everything she says she wants.

But she passes you over for a dick that thinks Joan of Arc is Noah's wife.

I think there are more than a few candidates feeling like that tonight.

Reginald Fentress is everything the voters say they want. He's intelligent, resourceful, and innovative. And when he went canvassing, he didn't just tell people something. He listened to them.

Yet he was passed over.

Bennie Cobb has a quarter century of experience in law enforcement. Commander of the crimes against persons division. Tonight, he was beaten by somebody that has as much experience as a defendant as a policeman. His most valuable law enforcement experience turns out to be his time on Mayor Herenton's goon squad.

Cobb was passed over.

It certainly wasn't all bad--- I was thrilled that Steve Mulroy won his race. I don't live in his district, but you can bet the house that I'll be cheering him on as he goes on to the general election.

Factor in the flotilla of Joe Cooper signs all over town, his ad buys during prime time TV that feature endorsees Jerry "The King Lawler" and Silky Sullivan, and you know those had to have been the most expensive 897 votes in the history of the electoral process. There's no way he paid less than $600 per vote for that turnout. Maybe he'll take the hint this time.

Darrick Harris was in a tough spot. The campaign had very little money, and the frontrunner in his race had plenty to burn. Harris lost, but his 26% is a damn good turnout considering the limited resources of the campaign. Perhaps next time, we can rally more people behind him and less behind a guy that parachuted into the party so recently that his seat on the Republican Executive Committee has yet to be filled.

Know who the big winner of the night was?

Mayor Herenton. His proxies had a hell of a night.

Sidney Chism is the Jerry Lewis to Herenton's Dean Martin. We've already talked about French. Look at the Democratic primaries, and you'll find that Herenton's people almost ran a clean sweep.

It makes the mayoral race next year a tough one. Herenton proxies run the local party through a collective of well meaning but naive people that would lop off their own legs with chainsaws rather than serve him, but get tricked into doing anything Sidney Chism wants. And his strategy for consolidating political power is reliant on getting "his" people elected and putting the unelectable ones on the payroll (Pssst--- Mr. Mayor, will you put me in charge of MLG&W if I say something nice about you? It never hurts to ask).

All in all, not a good night. But you know who the loser in all of this is?

The people of Memphis. Using the county mayor's primaries as a yardstick, only 10% of the registered voters in the county showed up. That kind of apathy will make it hard to dislodge a mayor whose idea of growth consists of annexing all the pissed off people that move out of the city. Another four years, and he'll have annexed everything this side of Jackson, and he'll have someone working on finding a way to annex DeSoto County.


autoegocrat said...

You nailed it.

PeskyFly said...

Frankly, I think you were a bit kind.

Freedonian said...

I had to hold back a little--- There are a few things I would like to have put in that fall squarely into the "I know but I can't prove" category. I'm sure you guys are quite familiar with that one.

Thank you for the feedback and the links back.

Brassmask said...

Personally, I think we need to crossover into that "I know but I can't prove" category in order to get people good and pissed off about their local government.

If people like you "know but can't prove" perhaps if enough of us intimate it long enough and loud enough someone who CAN PROVE will feel the need to come out and do just that.

Brad Watkins said...

Great post Rick, of course I have learned to expect as much.
We need to talk guys. I'll email you all within the next week.I think you'll like what we have in mind.

David Holt said...

Brad, what trouble are we goint to be up to now?

Brad Watkins said...

Now why would you think I'd cause any trouble?......"Snicker"

David Holt said...

Because that's what you do. And then innocent bystanders like me get pegged as partisan. Sigh... *Hides a pitchfork behind his back*

Formerly Considered Moderate said...

Great post...just the way I felt last night and this morning. Linked to you from LWC. Keep it up.

Freedonian said...

Thank you, Brad. Whatever you've got planned, get down with ya bad self. And know I'm standing beside you.


You've got a point. But I try to avoid saying things I can't really substantiate at all just yet. I promise you this--- If I get a whiff of the smoke, I'm shouting "Fire!"

Thank you, FCM. I've been getting a lot of exposure because the local blogging community is just so great. I'm honored that guys like David, LWC, and Pesky are linking me. It feels a little like jamming with the Beatles.

David Holt said...

"Herenton proxies run the local party through a collective of well meaning but naive people that would lop off their own legs with chainsaws rather than serve him, but get tricked into doing anything Sidney Chism wants."

Care to name names, my friend? Those could be fighting words, if I'm one of the naive people who gets tricked into doing anything Sidney wants. I assure you, that is not the case.

Freedonian said...

I won't name names, my friend. But I please allow me to assure you publicly that hell no, you are not part of the problem.

I compare the people in question to the guy at the party too drunk to know he shat his pants an hour ago. He keeps dancing, thinks he's the life of the party, and never fails to lower people's opinions of him.

You, on the other hand, are one of the decent souls trying to herd that guy out of the room before he humiliates himself further.