Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pat Robertson- Stiil a Nut.

I know it's difficult to believe when you look at me now, but I used to be in really great shape. I had been working in the gym industry for years, and at one point, I managed to get my body up to a very lean 245 pounds.

I could bench 300, although if I wanted to go for multiple reps, I had to bring the weight down to about 245. Before some knee injuries, my squats were routinely done with more than 400 pounds.

At the time, my legs were muscular enough that finding jeans was a challenge. If I bought a pair that was loose enough in the thigh to be comfortable, the waist was too big. At that point in my life, I was leg pressing roughly 700 pounds as a one rep max.

So I'm simply astounded that Pat Robertson claims to have leg pressed 2000 pounds because of the protein shake he's hawking. Come to think of it, so is the Guiness Book, which lists the current world record at 1335 pounds. So are exercise equipment manufacturers--- They know their products can't hold that much weight.

There's even a video of him "allegedly" leg pressing 1000 pounds. I've got a theory about how this video was shot.

Many years ago, WWF wrestlerAdrian Adonis had a storyline where he was going for a new world record in bench pressing. I forget the exact amount that he was lifting (I wasn't watching, but I heard about it later from other wrestlers that worked out at my gym), but he was supposedly breaking a new world record with it.

The bench press that he ACTUALLY did was quite astonishing, but nowhere near a world record. The rest of the barbell was filled with dummy 45 pound plates to make it look like he was lifting about 200 more than he was.

The use of dummy plates is quite common. Think about an actor shooting a scene where he's lifting weights. They shoot the same scene eight times from varying angles even if he's lucky enough to get his lines right the first time. A real person lifting real weights would be so exhausted after all that that they couldn't move.

So rather than buy his crappy shake, we should really give props to the prop department for helping Pat Robertson make a ludicrous claim.

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David Holt said...

Oh ye of little faith.