Monday, May 22, 2006

The Triumph of "Supersize Me"

Has anyone been to a McDonald's lately?

Don't get me wrong--- They're still selling quite a few varieties of the "Squeeze a half pound of lard between two pieces of bread" sandwiches, as well as the McNuggets of Dubious Anatomical Origin.

But their new salad line is actually pretty good. I just picked up one of their fruit salads, and it actually comes with a workout DVD.

Is this the beginning of a new philosophy? Are we going to see other fast food franchises make the same changes?

Obesity is an epidemic in America these days, which will lead to higher heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes rates. Are we actually going to see the fast food industry do something to try and stop this?


I just looked at the video. It seems to be based on decent, sound workout principles, but is a CGI personal trainer necessary? I couldn't imagine working out to this. It would be like exercising to a "Final Fantasy" DVD.

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