Friday, June 16, 2006

Because He's Just What Our Party Needs, Huh?

It's nice to see that Joe Lieberman just got a key endorsement in his primary this year---

Unfortunately, it's from Bill O'Reilly. Crooks & Liars has it on video.

Video-WMP Video-QT

If the Democratic Party cannot reverse its decline and ends up disintegrating into a "Low Carb Republican" ideology (As my friend Brad calls it), we can thank clowns like Lieberman that vote with the Republicans every time an issue is even remotely contentious.

When I was at the Blogger's Bash last week, the conservatives at the table all had one thing in common--- They liked Joe Lieberman. Just like Falafel Boy.

We've made this mistake before. We lost our shirts in 2002 because we allowed conservatives to define what we should be. In 2004, we showed a hesitation to learn a lesson from that--- We let them tell us that Howard Dean was "too liberal" to be able to win when in fact, Howard Dean could have forced the war to be discussed in a way they weren't ready for.

They love Lieberman because he votes with the president every chance he gets. It's a habit he started when the president was polling at 90%--- Now that he's at 29%, Lieberman doesn't have the guts to break away.

Bye bye, Joe. Wish I could say it was nice to know you.

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