Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Drinking Liberally Trivia Team (Further Updated)

Is your head a warehouse of useless information? I know mine is...

Put it to good use tonight at 7 PM at the Flying Saucer downtown.


To all those who didn't show up last night... We could have used your help! Some of those questions were absurd. "Hibernation is dormancy in the winter. What is dormancy in the summer called?" (Estivation, if memory serves).

We didn't get much at all right in the first round. Particularly sad was the fact that we nailed the Gilligan's Island question but dropped the ball on A Tale of Two Cities.

We gained some ground in the second and third rounds, though, and we got some bonus points when I ordered a Sam Adams.

What did we accomplish? We proved the Buffalo Theory. It's a matter of natural selection. In a buffalo herd, there are always weaker, slower buffalo that slow down the rest of the herd. Once a predator picks off those slower ones, the herd moves more effectively.

So once I ordered that Sam Adams and a couple of Guinesses, I killed off the slower brain cells, allowing the ones remaining to move more effectively.

We didn't win. Afterward, I closed down two bars with Pam and Rebecca. We had a great time.


Pam, Sarah, Rebecca,

Fortune farts in our faces. TONIGHT I see the Burt Reynolds Miller Beer commercial...


Wintermute said...

What happened to the Thursday at the Dish thing?

David Holt said...

I think this is an add-on not a replacement.

LeftWingCracker said...

Good heavens, there's Monday nights at Kudzu's (moved from Wednesdays, and P&H has it on Tuesdays in addition to Saucer...


Serrabee said...

Hmmm... make it Weds. at Celtic & I'm there.

Freedonian said...


We still meet Thursdays at Dish. This is strictly an extra thing.

Cracker, I guess I don't hit the bars often enough, because I had absolutely no idea.

Serra, I've certainly got no aversion to Celtic.

And to all of you... We could have used your brainpower last night!

Timewalker said...

Well, sounds like I wouldn't have been much help, even if I could have made it. Maybe someday. Since the office is downtown, the Saucer is the best bet for me, when I am in Memphis.
And what about this post? http://thefreedonian.blogspot.com/2006/05/no-more-for-me-thanks.html

Freedonian said...

That's a fair question, Timewalker.

I suppose last night I really wanted to see if I was as out of control as I felt like I was when I wrote that. Last night, I drank my share, but I never really got drunk. I didn't have to hang around somewhere and kill time while I waited long enough to sober up and drive home. Instead of waking up with a thundering hangover, I woke up early and hit the gym at 7:30. Comparing that to last time, when I was so hungover that I could barely function, this feels pretty good.

I still won't be drinking as often as I did before. But if I can keep it like last night, that's great.

We're talking about making this a regular Tuesday thing (Although I certainly won't be drinking every Tuesday). Join us some time--- We'd love to have you.

Timewalker said...

Good on both counts - that you feel like you can handle your drink a little better, and that it will be a regular Tuesday thing. I look forward to meeting some more like-minded folks 'round here.

Freedonian said...

I'm looking forward to that too, Timewalker. That sounds great.