Friday, June 30, 2006

Good Article on the Stanton Jew-Baiting Push Poll

There's nothing I despise more than a narrowminded bigot. People like Ed Stanton are everything that's wrong with local politics today, and I plan to verbally kick him in the nuts every chance I get.

An anonymous comment on West Tennessee Liberal's blog pointed the way to a good article from The Forward about the Jew-baiting tactics carried out by the Stanton campaign. Whoever posted it, thank you.

Betsy Saslawsky, a lifelong resident of Memphis who, like Cohen, belongs to the Temple Israel Reform congregation, said that June 18 she participated in a telephone survey that included positive questions aimed at Ed Stanton and negative questions aimed at Cohen, including one that asked if she was aware that Cohen had challenged the chaplain of the Tennessee State Senate on the Senate floor after he delivered a prayer in Jesus' name.

Saslawsky said she was asked, "Are you more likely to vote for a born-again Christian or a Jew?"

"I absolutely was speechless" at that point, she said. "I thought for a second, and I said to the guy, 'You know, I'd really love to know who's paying you.'"

Will McGown, 37, a furniture maker and, like Saslawsky, a Cohen supporter, described a similar experience. According to McGown, when he asked who was financing the poll, the person conducting the survey said it was Ed Stanton.

In an interview with the Forward, Stanton acknowledged that his campaign had financed a telephone survey, which he said was "certainly within the framework of what's accepted and standard." Stanton declined to say if the survey included a question about whether respondents would rather vote for a Jew or a Christian or to provide a written copy of the survey. The candidate directed questions to Jefrey Pollack of the Global Strategies Group. Pollack did not return a call for comment.

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