Friday, June 09, 2006

It's All Our Fault. Uh huh.

Roscoe asked us to pray and fast for him. But did we listen? Noooo... I had my pasta, and you had your whatever.

Okay, maybe he could have helped us by skipping a meal or two himself, which looks like it might have last happened when he was about six.

Are you happy now?

Actually... Yes. I am. All that we can ask of our justice system is a fair trial. And when you're caught on video taking the money, it's a hard sell trying to convince a jury you did nothing wrong. They're very fickle that way.

Roscoe will be going away for a while.

How we as a party react to this defines us. I keep thinking of a line from "Batman Begins" - Bruce Wayne's father made it clear to his son at an early age that you fall so you can learn how to get back up.

I'm proud that we don't reaqct to scandals as Republicans do. Think of the way they circled the wagons around Tom DeLay--- There's really not too much to Texas election law. It's notoriously hard to break, as there's simply not much of it. Yet supporters of his have managed to delude themselves into thinking that the case against him is an attempt to attack conservative politics.

No such thing in the Democratic Party. About as close as we get is electing the sibling of an indicted state senator to take his place.

My hope for the other Waltz defendants is the same as my hope for Dixon--- A fair trial. And if wrongdoing is established in a court of law, let justice be done.

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