Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jersey Girls...

And no, this isn't a treatise on hairspray and acid washed jeans...

I've been holding out on commenting on Coultergeist's attacks on the "Jersey Girls", the handful of 9/11 widows that lobbied for an investigation into the attacks that killed their husbands and had the temerity to criticize a president whose domestic security policies are rivalled only by his diction in terms of sheer sloppiness.

Not any more. I've been holding out because the more people talk about that skank, the more they publicize her book. No more. The same dozen idiots that would have bought her book anyway will still go to the bookstore, their mouths rimmed with red koolaid, and plop down thirty bucks on a book that should have gone straight from the binders to the remainder shelf.

Maybe the "let's not talk about it and give them any more publicity" idea is what has allowed idiots like her to get a foothold in America to start with--- By not firing off at them as often as we should, we're allowing their claims to go unchallenged. For example, see "Kerry, John", whose inept campaign manager asked him to ignore the Swift Boat Veterans for Sale until it was already too late. Let their claims go unchallenged for a couple of months, and they become part of the accepted "wisdom".

Let her and the droolies that hang on her every word call me an angry liberal--- I really don't give a flying shit. Brassmask wrote on this subject very recently, and I have to give him proper credit for firing me up.

Coultergeist accused the Jersey Girls of enjoying their husband's deaths... Of using them for political gain.

We can cast aside this ridiculous argument on one simple set of grounds--- The only reason these ladies have a bully pulpit is that the Bush White House, which lacks the competence to hold a drunken pissup in an unlocked brewery, managed to make a priority of everything but national security in the opening months of their term. Of the eight months he had spent in office, 35% had been spent on vacation. He had spent so little time in the White House that I'm not sure he could have found the men's room on September 10th. But there was plenty of time for Cheney's Energy Task Force to pass around maps of the Iraqi oil fields.

If not for the work of the Jersey Girls, our government would have spent more time and effort investigating a jizz stain left on a blue dress than on the brutal attack that killed 3000 on American soil.

What did Dubya want to do with the investigation? Think back... His original choice for chairman was Henry Kissinger. On the one hand, that's a good idea--- Who better to investigate a terrorist attack than the guy responsible for more than a few (Including, incidentally, a coup in Chilé that just happened to have taken place on another 9/11 decades earlier)? But Kissinger isn't the guy you bring in off of the bench when you want the truth to come out. He's the guy you bring in when you want the truth buried so deep that it can't ever be found.

If not for the Jersey Girls, The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight would still be walking around, trying to tell the nation that no one could have foreseen a terrorist attack despite President Commodus getting a briefing in the middle of his vacation (Also known as the month of August) called "Osama bin Laden Wants To Strike Inside the US".

And what of their later criticisms of him? What has he done to tighten up domestic security? He restored air marshalls (On about 1% of flights), restoring a security protocol that was taken away by Republican deregulation from the Reagan White House. The same number of shipping containers coming through our ports are inspected--- Almost none. Our customs inspectors fail their occasional tests just as spectacularly as before. But hey, it's okay--- Because while Ahmad and Mohammed are flying into JFK on Saudi and Emirati passports, we're trying to stop Juan and Felipé from coming in to work for $3 per hour. I'm looking into the crystal ball and seeing Haliburton getting the no-bid contract to build the wall--- And using cheap Mexican labor for it.

Criticizing the Bush Cartel on domestic security? All that means is that the Jersey Girls have functional brain stems (If their brain stems weren't functional, Bill Frist would be diagnosing them on videotape).

Simply put--- Jersey Girls rule.

Anne, take that book, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up your Cheney.


HappyGirl said...

Oh yes, Bill Clinton was dedicated to fighting terrorism (not). Here's a page worth reading:

You can blame the terrorist attacks on George Bush all you want; I'd expect that from a liberal who believes anything s/he reads in the LIBERAL media. But the truth is, if Bill Clinton had spent just as much time REALLY fighting terrorism as he did banging the White House intern, maybe September 11, 2001 would have never happened. Maybe, just maybe, bin Laden would have been handed over to the U.S. (like Saddam) to be tried for his role in all the terrorist strikes that happened during the Clinton administration (surely you remember them? Think, World Trade Center, USS Cole, US Embassy, Oklahoma City, etc...) The liberal rhetoric never fails to amuse me, if not scare me.

Freedonian said...

Is that the best you've got? Posting something that some slap-nuts put on an Angelfire page?

Really, you must work harder than this.

Interesting fact: On the day that strategically shaved babboon took office, more Americans had been killed by having vending machines fall on them than had been killed by al Qaeda.

In fact, more Americans had been killed by postal workers than by al Qaeda, if you want to go for a more apples-to-apples body count comparison.

But the truth is, if Bill Clinton had spent just as much time REALLY fighting terrorism as he did banging the White House intern, maybe September 11, 2001 would have never happened.

I LOVE it when someone tried to make that comparison. See, it kind of cuts both ways...l Because when the enemies of America were formulating plan, congressional Republicans (You know, the ones that try to say they're so security conscious) were chasing a spunk stain on a dress. Maybe if Newt had spent less time banging Callista Bisek, he could have some up with something.

Maybe, just maybe, bin Laden would have been handed over to the U.S. (like Saddam) to be tried for his role in all the terrorist strikes that happened during the Clinton administration (surely you remember them? Think, World Trade Center, USS Cole, US Embassy, Oklahoma City, etc...)

Hmmm... So the 9/11 attack, which happened eight months after Bush's inauguration, is all Clinton's fault... Yet the first WTC attack, which took place on Clinton's 37th day in office, is still Clinton's fault? Come on... A little consistency is all I ask. That's not too much, is it?

And... Oklahoma City? Are you one of the conspiracy theorists that thinks Osama hired Timothy McVeigh? The only place I've ever heard of anything so loopy is a book by Laurie Mylroie, and she has proven to be about as sane as B-1 Bob Dornan.

Keep trying. You've got to do better than this. I'm praying you can.

HappyGirl said...

I never blamed the first WTC bombing on Clinton; perhaps you should actually READ the comments before you spew off at the mouth, like a truly trained liberal would do---speak, then think (or do liberals actually think??). Anyway, what I said was that Clinton DIDN'T DO ANYTHING in response to the attacks. Can you show me differently? Can you show me where he "got tough" on terrorism?

And no, I'm not a conspiracy theorist (like most idiots who actually believe Bush PLANNED 9/11 in order to validate the war in Iraq...give me a break). I've never even read anything that connects bin Laden with McVeigh, although if it were proven that they conspired together, I certainly wouldn't be all that shocked.

Thank God George Bush has the courage to fight. Thank God (supreme idiot) Al Gore wasn't in office on the day of the attacks. I'm thanking my lucky stars right now....

HappyGirl said...

Here's another blog for your reading:

I love anything that puts the words "liberal" and "jackass" in the same sentence.

Freedonian said...

A little light reading for you.

The Age of Sacred Terror by Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon

Chapter 8 - "The Shock of the New"

...In the months before the inauguration, George W. Bush and his advisers seldom spoke about terrorism and then only generically. After the bombing of the Cole, Bush told an audience in the Philadelphia suburb of Langhorne, "Let's hope we can gather enough intelligence to figure out who did the act and take the necessary action... There must be a consequence."...

Say... Didn't you say Clinton was supposed to have counterattacked after the Cole? Just checking. Back to the book...

But when the President-elect's appointees came to the White House for transition briefings, the message they heard was anything but generic.

Sandy Berger wanted the incoming team to be well briefed, and he ordered that issue papers be written and oral presentations be delivered to Condoleezza Rice by every directorate of the NSC. When Transitional Threats gave its review of "why bin Laden is an existential threat", as one directorate member put it, Berger showed up unexpectedly. It was the only one of the briefings he attended. "I'm here,: he explained, "because I want to underscore how important this issueis." Berger met with Rice several times to cover the waterfront of foreign policy issues she would face. In the office that he was soon to hand over to the professor from Stanford, he tried to ensure that she grasped the seriousness of the threat. He told her, "You're going to spend more time during your four years on terrorism generally and al Qaeda specifically than any issue."

Shows how much he knows, huh? She testified in the 9/11 hearings that she finally got around to reading his briefings in July 2001--- You know, only a scant six months later. Six months after that, Osama bin Forgotten and she's paying attention to Saddam. So he missed the mark by a little.

That koolaid has to be tasting pretty foul by now. Oh well, back to the book...

In the weeks that followed, [Richard] Clarke also briefed Vice President Cheney and Deputy National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley. Before the inauguration, Colin Powell worked his way through briefings at the State Department from the many bureaus. The office of the counterterrorism coordinator--- Edmund Hull, a Foreign Service officer, now held the job as acting coordinator--- brought together the core members of the CSG to meet the incoming secretary. As they went around the table, each one presented his agency's perspective on bin Laden. Powell impressed those present as a careful listener who rarely spoke but asked thoughtful questions. After everyone had their turn and the group got up to leave, Brian Sheridan, the outgoing assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict, felt a need to underscore the danger. "It was almost like a parting shot from a political appointee who was leaving," he said. "Make no mistake about al Qaeda: This is a really big thing. It will be a really big problem." At a meeting with Condoleezza Rice, he repeated his message. "I told them this is not an amateur-type deal and you need Dick Clarke. It's serious stuff. These guys are not going away. I just remember her listening and not asking much." Sheridan, a former CIA analyst who had been a business consultant before entering the government, let the new team entering the Pentagon know that he was happy to discuss any of the issues his office dealt with--- not only terrorism but counterdrug programs in Colombia and the Caribbean. "I offered to brief anyone, anytime on any topic. Never took it up."

Yeah, they were really on the ball.

Freedonian said...

And no, I'm not a conspiracy theorist (like most idiots who actually believe Bush PLANNED 9/11 in order to validate the war in Iraq...give me a break).

He didn't plan it--- The 9/11 plan actually worked, which differentiates it from any plan Dubya ever came up with. Or in the case of the Iraq war... Never bothered to come up with at all.

Iraq was the war they wanted all along. Damnably inconvenient that no Iraqis were on the planes... Only fifteen Saudis (And four others scattered throughout the Middle East) taking orders from another Saudi that was getting money from the Saudi elite as well as half a billion over the preceding ten years from the Saudi royal family. Yet Dubya still finds time to hold their hands...

No, I don't buy into the theory that Bush had something to do with it. He's a buffoon, not an "evildoer".

Of course, we would have a better leg up on al Qaeda if not for Iraq.

The American public would have dealt with casualties in Afghanistan to get the damn job done right. Instead, we had the best military in the world playing second fiddle to a bunch of warlords. Why? He didn't want the American public to be sick of war by the time he got the one he wanted. So instead of the finest trained military in the world guarding the backdoor at Tora Bora, we had the Northern Alliance, all denizens of a land where the average annual income came up to less than $50.

Think about something... Zarqawi lost a leg in Afghanistan. How did he get to Iraq? By way of Pakistan, same as all the others. Why? The Northern Alliance didn't give a shit whether we got al Qaeda or not--- They wanted their country back. Plain and simple. Add their poverty and AQ's money into the mix--- Hell, they probably gave piggyback rides to escaping al Qaeda members.

On defense, Bush lacks the effectiveness of a three legged Dachsund with no teeth. He is an abject failure in every regard.

Wintermute said...

Man, you got a military wife trolling your site!

Oh, and did you ever read my post, How the FBI Let 9/11 Happen?

LeftWingCracker said...

Freedonian, you have your first troll, congratulations!

Not that she'll post anything that you should pay attention to, because it won't make sense and she won't respond to reason, so the best thing to do is ignore it...

Freedonian said...

That was a great article, Wintermute. Thank you. You know, one of the things I've said for years was briefly touched on in it. I've always believed that you can easily spot the people that don't know what they're talking about and are looking for excuses to absolve Dubya--- They mention "The Wall" like it has something to do with intelligence gathering. All "The Wall" actually means is that if you find information about an unrelated criminal matter during the course of a criminal investigation in a search that would normally be tossed out on constitutional grounds in a court (ie. illegal search, warrantless wiretap, etc) that it would still be inadmissible under the same rules in criminal court. It's a red flag that someone actually knows nothing--- It ranks right up there with "W" stickers in that regard.

I don't really think of her as a troll. She was anything but anonymous, so I give her credit for that. I just think of her as opposition, and I always welcome the chance to sharpen the rhetorical blades.