Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Need More Proof That NRA Members Are Morons?

Head NRA goof Wayne LaPierre wants to promote his new book called The Global War On Your Guns. So what does he do?

He convinces the braindead saps that hang on his every word that the UN is holding a special session on July 4 to "take your guns away".

A few fine points that seem to have escaped the notice of the total buffoons that have been sending mail to John Bolton:
  • The UN HQ is in New York City, and like all businesses except bars, big box stores and fast food places, will be closed July 4. Allow me to repeat that in case some NRA droolie did a Google search on "NRA dumbasses" and came across this blog--- THEY WILL BE CLOSED ON JULY 4TH.
  • They are planning a seminar to discuss guns--- Black market ones. You know, the kind that end up in the hands of organizations like the Janjaweed that are exterminating the blacks of Darfur and keeping crooked banana republics in power (As opposed to the gun lobby, which keeps banana Republicans in power).
  • Black market weapons on the international market always seem to find their way into the hands of terrorist groups... You know, like the insurgency in Iraq. But hey--- You guys support the troops, right? How does that square with making sure their opposition never runs out or AK-47s and Street Sweepers?

Just think... There are people out there that are stupid enough to buy into this... And they're armed.

Scary, huh?


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