Thursday, June 15, 2006

An Open Challenge.

Several months ago, I decided to "go where the action is". I registered with the Red State blog, posted a few items politely disagreeing with the tools that write there, and was shown the door in a matter of hours.

Just a few days ago, I decided to try again. I had spoken with a Republican a few times over on Cracker's site, so I thought "This guy might have the guts for a real discussion".

Nah. When Chesty accused Democrats of keeping Murtha around so they could pretend to have "creds" with the military, I pointed out to him the outstanding service records of more than a few Democrats, and asked him about the "creds" of their right wing counterparts. He accused me of "muckraking" or something like that, then deleted the post where I asked him why he didn't seem to mind muckraking when John Kerry and the Dems were the target.

People do that for one reason and one reason only--- They know they're wrong, and they would rather shut you up than have to admit it. People that are right have nothing to fear--- They look forward to the opportunity to prove what a chump the other guy is. All this pathetic, snivelling jackass did was pretend that being in the military was required to read someone else's service records and say "Yep, they showed up."

Since I'm disappointed with the lack of testicular fortitude displayed by the right wingers when I go into their house, I'm issuing a challenge of my own.

I don't care if it takes place at your site, or if it takes place at mine (Just as long as you don't censor me for disagreeing like the others have so far). If you think this war was a good idea, I want to hear from you. I will prove to you that it was unnecessary. I will prove to you that it was a horrible idea. I will prove to you that it's so screwed up right now that we can't fix it by staying. And most of all, I will prove the bumbling incompetence of the commander-in-chief.

If anyone has the guts to take me on, I'm quite easy to find.

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David Holt said...

Bring it on...