Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Paddleboats, Anyone?

We're about to see a torrent of bullshit unleashed that is unlike anything the earth has seen before. A flood so big that even 40 days and 40 nights won't be enough to clear it out.

The guy that fabricated the story about Jews in Iran being forced to wear yellow ribbons has been invited to the White House as an "expert".

The company behind it is Benador Associates, a NY-based PR firm that has brought us such great hits in the past as "Saddam Unplugged Babies' Incubators In Kuwait" and "Saddam Puts People Into Giant Paper Shredders". Their strategy is always the same--- Plant a ridiculous story in a newspaper not known for factchecking, then let media outlets that are afraid of being scooped repeat the story.

Make no mistake--- This guy is not an expert on Iran--- He's an expert in how to flood a nation with bullshit.

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