Thursday, June 22, 2006

Senator John Warner Said The Most Ridiculous Thing Today On the Senate Floor...

Today was the vote on John Kerry's bill to bring the troops home by year's end. Warner showed his true colors by calling the measure "ill-timed" because of the death of the two soldiers that were kidnapped and killed last week.

Hey, braintrust... When would be a good week? Are we waiting for a cessation of American casualties in Iraq before we can bring this up? With the overall lack of strategy we've seen out of Republicans on Operation Infinite Occupation, that isn't too likely to take place in the next decade or so.

This is simply the Republican leadership doing all it can to avoid talking about the war in any substantive way.

It was the biggest foreign policy mistake we've made since Vietnam. And just like Vietnam, the guy in the Oval is sustaining it simply to avoid admitting its failure.

The measure was defeated, by the way. All but one of the Democrats that switched sides were the usual suspects--- I'm genuinely surprised to see Mark Dayton of Minnesota on the other side. Mary Landrieu, Mark Pryor, Ben Nelson, Bill Nelson, and of course, Joe Lieberman rounded out the pseudo-Democrat ranks. Lincoln Chafee voted with us, as he does every time it's not a close vote.

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