Friday, June 02, 2006

Speaking of Iowa...

Why are they allowed to select the presidential nominees anyway?

Every four years, the contenders meet in Iowa so they can all say the same thing: We support farm subsidies, and we think ethanol is so darn good that you should mix it with breakfast cereal.

But the maddening part is... They're saying this in a state with a 93.9% white population.

Is this supposed to be somehow representative of America? Iowa is 18% whiter than the average for America, 75%.

If there's any question as to the winner once they leave Iowa, then it will be cleared up the Tuesday after by a trip to New Hampshire... And its 96% white population.

The course for the next four years is charted by two states that are only slightly more ethnically diverse than the Mayflower.

Isn't it time we do something to make the primary system yield results that look a little more like America? I realize that the last time we tampered with it, we ended up with Dukakis--- But that's hardly a solid excuse to not look for a better way.

Let's try it this way--- The first day 0f primary season, we see decisions out of Georgia, Massachusetts, Iowa, Arizona, and Washington. Every region of the country is represented, and although some of the states are not as diverse as I'd like, it doesn't look like the inside of a country club.

Will there ever be a minority president under these circumstances?

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