Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stray Thoughts Volume I


  • If you take money out of the public schools and put it into private schools in the form of vouchers... Haven't you simply created another public school, but with no accountability whatsoever?
  • If conservatives argue using facts and liberals argue using emotion... Then what's with rightwingers' reliance on op-ed pieces? Couldn't they argue using something that's sourced and fact checked?
  • Thinking back to 2004... How many times do you have to get shot in the ass in a rice paddy before you're considered as "rough and tumble" as a cheerleader from Andover?
  • No one doubts the sheer barbarism of beheading when it's done by an Iraqi insurgent. Yet there are four nations in the world that still use beheading as a means of capital punishment--- Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, and Iran. Why are we friends with two of them?
  • Who watches the Tony Awards?
  • Conservatives complain about movie stars getting involved in politics. Barbra Streisand and George Clooney are the targets of verbal attacks any time they donate to a Democrat. Which party is it that ran Ronald Reagan, Arnold Scwarzenegger, and Sonny Bono, ferchrissake? At least we have the sense to keep our movie stars on the sidelines.

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