Sunday, June 11, 2006

Take Them at Their Words

Gee, I Wonder Why Republicans Are Regarded As Racist…

“Probably nothing.”
- Jeb Bush when asked during his failed 1994 campaign for governor what he would do for Florida’s black population.

“Conrad, how can you live in Washington with all the n***ers?”
- Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) telling a newspaper editor about a question he was asked by a rancher from his home state. He told the rancher it was a “hell of a challenge”.

“[Little Joe, the gorilla that escaped from Franklin Park Zoo was] probably a METCO gorilla waiting for a bus to take him to Lexington.”
- Talk radio host John Dennis. METCO (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity) is a desegregation program that buses Boston’s inner city children to suburban schools.

“They are 12 percent of the population. Who cares?”
- Rush Limbaugh, responding to a caller that said that black people need to make their voices heard.

“Headline: Orangutan escapes at zoo, runs for county executive. [Cues jungle music with monkey sounds] Freakin’ monkeys loose up at the zoo again. That’s really fine, really fine. Yeah, yeah, and he’s running for county executive. What is with that?”
- Talk radio host Bob Lonsberry, commenting on the campaign of African-American Mayor William A. Johnson for Monroe County Executive.

“Just turn Ashley [Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk] loose and let him arrest every Muslim that comes across the state line.”
- Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)

“If I see someone who comes in that’s got a diaper on his head and a fan belt wrapped around the diaper on his head, that guy needs to be pulled over.”
- Rep. John Cooksey (R-LA)

Quit looking at the symbols. Get out and get a job. Quit shooting each other. Quit having illegitimate babies.”
- State Rep. John Graham Altman (R-SC) commenting on African Americans who supported the proposal of Governor David Beasley to remove the Confederate flag from all state buildings.

“Because I’ve got the greatest physique in the world, I’m sharp, I’m super talented.” Then he stood up, walked down the hall, looked over his shoulder and said “And I’m white.”
- Black bodybuilder Rick Wayne, recalling a conversation with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“That’s right. I thought he [Schwarzenegger in his first debate] did a good job. I--- California is not Mississippi. And you’re not going to get the kind of people that I really like.”
- Bob Novak

“Head Start is a godsend for Mississippi. Some of those kids would be better off sitting up on a piano bench in a whorehouse than where they are now.”
- Then candidate for Governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour, former Republican National Committee Chairman

“My picture is in the public domain. It gets published in newspapers every day.”
- Haley Barbour again, this time commenting on why he would not ask the Council of Conservative Citizens, a racist and anti-Semitic organization, to remove a picture of him with some of their members at a CCC cookout from their home page.

“Does the C of CC oppose racism? The word racism was concocted by a communist ideologue in the 1920’s. The purpose of racism was to instill guilt and shame in the minds of white people and to stir racial hostility among blacks.”
- From the website of the Council of Conservative Citizens. In addition to Haley Barbour, Trent Lott and Bob Barr have addressed this group.

“I want to say this about my state. When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either.”
- Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) at Strom Thurmond’s one hundredth birthday party

“If you want to know what America used to be--- And a lot of people wish it still were--- then you listen to Strom Thurmond.”
- Rush Limbaugh

“His patriotism, courage, and lifetime dedication to South Carolina and his nation will always be remembered.”
- George W. Bush, Thurmond’s one hundredth birthday party

“I applaud the Supreme Court for recognizing the value of diversity on our nation’s campuses.”
- George W. Bush, praising the Supreme Court for handing down a decision he had lobbied against upholding Affirmative Action

“As long as he can fuzz it up just enough, he is OK.”
- Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, advising Bush on how to spin the Affirmative Action decision

Yellow monkeys.”
- Talk radio host J.R. Gach commenting on Japanese fishermen that were accidentally killed when a submarine resurfaced under them.

“Slant Eye to Slant Eye”.
Talk radio host Rich Michaels referring to Connie Ching’s “Eye to Eye” program.

“Jane, come here. Me Tarzan!”
- Boston Immigration Judge Thomas Ragno, addressing a Ugandan woman in his courtroom to hear her petition for political asylum.

“Aside from doing a rain dance and making it rain--- We’ll assign that to Senator Campbell--- I’m not sure what we can do.”
- Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT) suggesting that Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, the only Native American in the Senate, might help alleviate the drought of 2003

“The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies.”
- El Rushbo again.

“It is time to face the reality that, according to no particular plan, America is being degraded, disunited, and endangered by a powerful flow, wave after wave, legal and illegal, of poor, unskilled, and uneducated people into our country, many of whom have no interest in becoming Americans or learning the English language. Unable to join the American mainstream, they will fester in ethnic ghettos, work for sub-standard wages, reproduce, vote the straight Democratic ticket and provide cover fire for the terrorists. As they say down Mexico way, “loco, completamente loco.”
- Linda Bowles, Border Blowback, Townhall

“Two things made this country great: White men & Christianity. The degree these two ingredients have diminished is in the direct proportion to the corruption and fall of the nation. Every problem that has arrisen [sic] can be directly traced back to our departure from God’s Law and the disenfranchisement of White men.”
- State Rep. Don Davis (R-NC) emailed this in a letter to every member of the North Carolina House and Senate, having received the letter himself from “the administrator of an internet site that asserts that Christianity is a White religion and that the Western world is made up of Christian white nations.” Davis defended the mailing: “There’s a lot of it that’s truth, the way I see it. Who came to this country first--- The White man, didn’t he? That’s who made this country great.”

“As late as 1959, 78 percent of all black families were intact and less than 2 percent of black children were reared in households where the mother was not married. This was before civil rights legislation, before the Voting Rights Act, and before the war on poverty. Blacks were still being lynched in the South, but black families were mostly together and provided a strength for their children that is no longer there.”
- Cal Thomas, The Things That Matter Most

“Black ministers should not be involved in politics. I thought there was separation of church and state.”
- Talk radio host Bill Cunningham, who has no such criticism of Pat Robertson, Focus on the Family, et al

“If they didn’t observe Martin Luther King Day there’s be trouble from the savages. They’re not satisfied with every third street being MLK Boulevard, named after that scumbag Marty.”
- Talk radio host Bob Grant

“We have in our city… in our nation, not hundreds of thousands but millions of sub-humanoids, savages, who would really feel more at home careening along the dry deserts of eastern Kenya, people who, for whatever reason, have not become civilized.”
- Talk radio host Bob Grant

“His kind do have that problem [of forming words]. Maybe they weren’t intended to speak a civilized language.”
- Talk radio host Bob Grant commenting on a black caller

“On the evolutionary scale, you’re about 25 generations behind me.”
- Bob Grant again, talking to a black caller

“It’s hard to imagine now, but by the late 1980’s AM radio was nothing short of a dying medium… Sure, there were a scattering of great stations and great personalities out there-among them people like Barry Farber and Bob Grant in New York whom I listened to avidly. But they were the exceptions.”
- Sean Hannity, Let Freedom Ring, p. 259

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