Monday, June 12, 2006

WTF are These Five States Thinking?????????

Okay, fair warning--- We're about to go to an ugly, ugly place.

Imagine this for a moment: Some disgusting bastard has just given into one of the sickest impulses found in the human condition--- He has just raped a child.

He looks down at the young girl, wondering what to do about it. He can run like hell and hope she doesn't recognize him. He could get 25 years if he's caught, though, and less if he pleads out. But if he kills her, he could get the death penalty.

See, he stands to lose something if he kills her.

See, this is one of the beautiful things about our criminal court system--- Murder is an island unto itself in the hierarchy of crime. The worst punishment that can be meted out is reserved for those who take a life.

Not anymore, though. At least not in Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Montana.

See, those five states have all passed laws extending the death penalty for a variety of sex crimes, mostly involving minors.

So now, let's walk through that scenario again.

A disgusting bastard in Oklahoma has just given in to the sickest urge in the human condition. He has just raped a thirteen-year-old girl.

He looks down at her, wondering what to do about it.

The choice is easier--- Because he's in one of the five states so shortsighted that they made the penalty for raping a minor the same as killing her. He has absolutely nothing to lose.

The legislatures and governors of these five states have done something so remarkably stupid that they should all be kicked out of office, and I don't give a damn what party they're in.

For in their states, the life and death of young sex crimes victims is now dependent on the conscience of people that rape children. There's no other disincentive for killing them.


Wintermute said...

Creative thinking, my friend.

Freedonian said...

Thank you, Wintermute. This one bugs me--- It actually has the very real potential to raise the murder rate.