Tuesday, July 25, 2006


At this time last year, we only had 90 murders in this city. It's sad that ninety almost seems like an acceptable number now.

Memphis is like a great ship, upon a torrential wave... And the captain has let go of the wheel.

It's not hard to predict where the murders will take place. Put a pushpin on the map for every murder victim that goes toes up in this city, and you'll find that you run out of room in certain parts of the city.

They're the parts of the city that the mayor and city council have given up on. They're as abandoned as the poor people of New Orleans were a year ago. And the mayor is George W. Bush, standing off to the side and saying "We dodged a bullet".

The mayor and city council can't even find the money in the budget to pay a decent wage to our policemen. It's not their fault--- They're doing all they can with extremely limited resources. And there's a certain point on the pay scale when you can no longer ask people to take a bullet. We're there.

Our local government is as ineffective as Iraq's. And I'm thinking it's high time we look at doing something about that.

If you fail as abjectly as our local government has in its primary function--- The protection of the people of the city--- Then you don't deserve the job.

The Commercial Appeal has a list of the 100 victims so far this year. See if you can detect a pattern or two. If you can, then you're smarter than our city council.

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