Thursday, July 27, 2006

14:55, 14:56, 14:57...

It appears that Nikki Tinker's weak-minded staff has decided to anonymously post drivel on the blogs of everyone not endorsing their sad excuse for a candidate.

Tell me--- Do you think that by coming here and making asses of yourselves, you've helped her chances of getting elected? Tinker's Tools are alienating even more people than the Stanton staff has. And considering that a friend of mine nearly ran a Stanton staffer down with his car to get him the hell out of the yard, that says quite a bit.

Look, you backed the wrong horse. You backed someone that took as much money from Republicans as Republican candidates have. You backed someone who answered every substantive question with "I'm not prepared to talk about issues at this time" or "My Grandmother raised me". I don't give a flying shit if she was raised by wolves, I wanted to hear why we should elect her. By the time she got around to talking about things like that, it was too late--- There was a better candidate in the race with a proven track record. Tinker spent six months deciding what she wanted to say about the war. Cohen attended anti-war rallies. See how this whole thing works?

Let's have a look at what passes for logic out of the Tinker camp, shall we? These people chose to remain anonymous, but they deserve their fifteen minutes of fame, right?

Read this. And know that these are the people Nikki Tinker plans to take to DC with her.

When a black woman out risies a Jewish man, that speaks volumes about how far we have come. (I'm guessing "risies" is supposed to be "raises", which means the sentence translates to "Jews are supposed to be better with money")

Tinker hasn't done anything to anyone. She has talked about issues. She has met with the elderly. Go to her website. Look at her ads.

You all are anti-black women.

Hats of Tinker she has served on many boards.

She had met with voters. Her mailers are fantastic. Kudos to EMily's List and Tinker. We are going to Washignton. Cohen hang on to your hat we are going to blow by you.
Tinker is fearless and she is a fighter. (Bold words, considering that it's only in the last couple of months that she's stopped saying "I'm not prepared to talk about issues at this time")

Emily's List doesn't support losers and Tinker will win. Mr. Holt.....don't look for a summer internship with the Tinker Congressional Office.

Cohen......Whitman will kick your behind for the state senate seat. You won't have anything left. I hope you don't humiliate yourself and let him defeat you. Give it up. Sit down and shut up.

Nikki Tinker hasn't done much for Memphis, but she is our next Congressperson.

Pam- Can we really take you seriously, since you are on Cohen's payroll?

Tinker will work to repair the racial divide caused by white liberal bloggers and COhen's staff.
(Yeah, so three black candidates start Jew-baiting, and it's our fault. Asshead.)

Have you had the courage to ask Ms. Tinker out on a date? I know that all of these attacks stem from a repressed longing to stroke her cheek and plant a sweet kiss on her lips.

Thanks for pointing out the Red X, Wintermute. I've fixed it.


Anonymous said...

As Nikki Tinker surges into a second place tie, the Democratic primary contest to replace Harold Ford Jr. is shaping up to be a two person race between Tinker and Steve Cohen. And of the three candidates with double-digit support, Tinker is the only candidate with positive momentum. Since April, Tinker has come on strong and narrowed the race dramatically, gaining +15 points (vaulting from 2% to 17%). Others, including Steve Cohen (28%), have essentially stood still or backslid over the past several months.

As voters have begun to pay attention to the contest, Tinker has built a solid base among African American women and younger voters. Black women have begun to coalesce around Nikki Tinker and she leads Cohen by +17 points among this largest voting bloc, which makes up approximately 40% of the electorate (Black women: 29% Tinker; 12% Cohen). Further, Tinker has also edged out Cohen among younger voters (voters 18-44: 24% Tinker; 22% Cohen). Notably, Tinker leads Cohen by +5 points among younger women (women under 50: 31% Tinker; 26% Cohen).

Increased visibility is the key to a Tinker victory, as the more voters see, the more they like. Tinker’s profile as a change agent focused on solving the real problems faced by working families is attracting voters to her. The number of voters who hold a favorable opinion of Tinker has quadrupled since April ? going from 8% favorability to 38%, a gain of +30 points. It's clear that Tinker has both the energy and the room to grow as voters are readily moving toward her as the alternative to career politician Cohen. Her success hinges on her ability to get her message out to more voters.

The Tinker campaign is clearly on the right track. Seventy percent have seen her ads, and a majority of those voters say Tinker’s ads have made them more likely to support her in the primary (64% more likely, 36% much more). Moreover, a solid majority of key voting blocs including all African Americans and younger voters say the ads have made them more likely to support Tinker (Blacks: 73% more likely, 43% much more; Voters 18-44: 75% more likely, 43% much more). Even two-thirds (66% more likely, 28% much more) of swing voters respond positively to the ads. With resources, Tinker can finish the job of mobilizing the voters of the 9th District around her candidacy for change.

polar donkey said...

Emily's List and Tinker

LeftWingCracker said...

Brutha, you hit the nail on the head. Tinker is spouting all this garbage that the DC consultants have told her to say, since she has no clue what Memphis is all about, since she's ONLY LIVED HERE FOR TWO YEARS!

Let's take Nikki to Walker Homes and see if they know her there! Let's take Nikki to Dixie Homes and see if they know her there!

Let's take Nikki to the beauty shops and salons in Whitehaven where they can spot a carpetbagging phony a mile away and see if they know her there!

You know THAT won't happen, because all she does is TV and phony mailers.

Not to mention that she lives in a Harbor Town condo that she's renting from a contributor.

She's phonier than Tammy Faye's wig.

Freedonian said...

Thank you, Donkey. I hadn't registered with Kos before, so it will be 24 hours before I can get on there with you.

Thank you, Cracker. I swear, these people are delusional... Even if Stinker is gaining ground, she's still 11 points down. At the rate she's gaining, I might be nervous if the primary was in October.

PeskyFly said...

They're like some kind of horny borg people.

Nikki Tinker is the perfect fembot. She's the hottest most electable, and highly masturbatable. Those who do not wank at the thought of Nikki in the shower, and vote for her on election day will be cast into the pit of hell to be torn apart eternally by giant spiders made of fire.

They're so freaky I can't get enough. David Lynch couldn't write their scripts. Brett Easton Ellis couldn't write their scripts.

Freedonian said...

Hell no, they couldn't. First of all, if you were writing a story about this race, there are so damn many characters that only Tolstoy could hope to keep it straight.