Thursday, July 06, 2006

Anybody Need an Illegal Gun?

You know, I'm so plugged in to the criminal element of this nation that I now know where to get my hands on one. And I could have saved so much time in the search--- All I had to do was look to the National Rifle Association's Board of Directors.

You remember the NRA, right? Those nutty guys that say that rather than keeping Howitzers off of the streets, we should "enforce existing gun laws", right? Good. Just making sure we're on the same page here.

Sanford "Sandy" Abrams has been on the NRA Board of Directors since 1999. And from 1996-2003, his store, Valley Gun of Baltimore, Maryland managed to wrack up a mind numbing 900 firearms violations. Large portions of their inventory "disappear" altogether, having been sold to people that can't legally buy weapons.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms revoked Valley's license in 2004, but firearms laws that are weaker than water allowed him to keep the shop open until four months ago.

And if that isn't enough, the Bush White House filed papers last month saying he would be allowed to continue selling guns from Valley Gun's inventory as his "personal collection". He already has plans to open a new store called Just Guns next door to his old one in his 80-year-old mother's name.

How serious a problem are guys like Abrams? Of 80,000 gun dealers in this nation, his store ranked as the 37th worst for selling "crime guns". At any given point, over a quarter of his inventory is unaccounted for.

60% of the nation's crime guns come from 1% of the gun dealers out there. And Valley Gun is in the top percent of that top percent.

How did the NRA respond to this? A stern condemnation of his crimes, followed by a reminder that they believe in enforcing existing crime law?

What, are you new to the planet?

They elected him to a third term on the board, lent him one of their top lobbyists to use as his attorney, and are actively lobbying to take away the federal government's right to revoke the license of corrupt gun dealers.

When George W. Bush was (s)elected, Wayne LaPierre (Regular readers will remember him as the guy that convinced moronic NRA members that the UN was banning their guns on July 4th--- How did that go, by the way?) said that having him as president would be like the NRA having office space in the White House.

By this point, I'm almost sure they do.


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