Friday, July 28, 2006

Head to Head: Cohen vs. Tinker

So I went to the Tinker website, and I was simply stunned at how little she actually says.  Particularly since her Anonytrolls have been bombarding several of the local bloggers with comments about how much she talks about “the issues”.

For contrast, I provided some of Steve Cohen’s platform on here.  I wanted to show people the difference between Nikki Tinker and a serious, qualified candidate.

One has accomplishments to point to and plans to tell you about.  The other speaks in broad, sweeping generalizations, and has roughly the same list of accomplishments as Ashlee Simpson.

First, Nikki Tinker on Healthcare:
Nikki Tinker believes the number of uninsured people in our country is inexcusable and should be a national priority.  She believes that the federal government must ensure the long-term viability of Social Security and Medicare.  Congress should also fund initiatives to help small businesses purchase affordable private coverage.  She also favors publishing physicians’ charges so that consumers can comparison shop and a national healthcare program that provides health care coverage for all Americans.

Not very much to it, is there?  Everyone thinks the number of uninsured people is inexcusable and should be a national priority.  Duh.  Hell, I don’t even think there’s a Republican that would say otherwise.  They’d certainly have a different approach than a Democrat would, but her answer really doesn’t allow us to see what side of that particular fence she’s on.

Now, let’s compare that to a candidate that has something he can run on:

Steve Cohen on Healthcare:I support the principle that adequate health care is a fundamental right for every Memphian. The U.S. health care system works well for some and not at all for tens of millions. For normal working people in Memphis who have insurance coverage health care premiums, deductibles, and co-pays keep rising. Many have no healthcare benefits after retirement or divorce.
  1. I strongly opposed TennCare cuts and proposed an alternative to keep hundreds of thousands insured.

  2. I cast one of the essential votes as a County Commissioner to build The MED.

  3. I secured money for the Brannon McCulloch Primary Health Care Center in Binghamton, for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and for The MED.
Memphis has the highest rate of infant mortality among the 60 largest cities in the U.S. Babies here die at twice the national average. The most frequent cause is premature birth attributable to bad nutrition, addictions (drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes), lack of transportation, and lack of education about pre-natal behavior and care. I'll work to obtain money to improve pre-natal health care (including counseling) and better access to health care for children.
Medicaid and Medicare are part of the humanitarian safety net that represents the best of America. I will work hard to support them and allow states more flexibility in its Medicaid (TennCare) plans.
I favor permitting importation of high-quality, lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada. The Food and Drug Administration should serve the people not the drug manufacturers.
I will seek to increase funding for research into the cause and treatment of Alzheimer's, AIDS, cancer, and diabetes.
I will fight for a fair relationship between the way corporate executives provide health care for themselves, before and after retirement, and the way they treat employees.
See how this whole thing works?  He sets it up by acknowledging there’s a problem.  Unlike Tinker, he goes on to tell you what he’s done to address that problem so far in his career (Which stands in stark contrast with a corporate attorney that screwed up the benefits plans of Northwest Airlines employees) and what he wants to do as a Congressman.

That’s the difference between prime time and not ready for prime time.

I would say you could do that on every issue, but I would be lying.  For Darling Nikki only has semi-positions on six issues on her website.

And strangely enough…  The beneficiary of a hit piece by Emily’s List is the only candidate in this comparison that doesn’t have Women’s Issues on the site.  Imagine that.  The man talks about women’s issues.  The woman couldn’t care less.

Still, I’ll give you links to compare the rest.

Tinker vs Cohen on Crime

Tinker vs Cohen on Civil Rights (Personally, I agree with Tinker on the need to regulate the “payday advance” places, but is that really a civil rights issue?  I’m white, but if I’m poor enough to use them, they’ll charge me the same usurious interest rates as anyone else)

Tinker vs Cohen on Foreign Policy (Don’t believe the war in Iraq was a good idea?  Only one of these two had the guts to state a position on it)

Tinker vs Cohen on the Deficit

Tinker vs Cohen on Education

Now, you no doubt have plenty of time on your hands.  After all, only one of these two had anything to say about the following issues:

Energy Issues
Job SecurityCovenant with Black America
Seniors (For shame, Miss Tinker.  Aren’t they one of your key constituencies?)
The Environment
Constituent Services
And I’m a little puzzled by this one, but Pet Protection.


kibitzer said...

Well done, Fredonian. But please, PLEASE get off this white-on-black jag! Go back to the original design if you must. Whoever convinced you this new look is better is an anemy agent. It's downright UNREADABLE!

LeftWingCracker said...

On behalf of Ashlee Simpson, I protest.

Otherwise, it's TERRIFIC!

Anonymous said...

Well, done, Freedonian. I enjoyed meeting you last night.

- Dabney

Freedonian said...


If Ashlee comes to me personally, preferably wearing a French maid outfit, I'll reconsider. But who could I put in there that would be substance-free enough for the comparison to be valid? Backstreet Boys?


Thank you. I enjoyed meeting you too.