Monday, July 17, 2006

I'll Get By With a Little Help From My Friends...

I generally try to avoid writing the "what I've been up to" posts. I'm an avid reader of Serrabee's over at Rock'n'Roll Minor Planets, and any kind of "a day in the life" posts that I could do come up woefully short against hers (If you're not an avid reader of hers, you should be).

But I've had a lot of things going on lately that simply defy categorization. They don't really add up to posts of their own, but they're worth writing about.

I make it a point to miss Drinking Liberally as seldom as humanly possible. Beer, good conversation, more beer, good people, and a shitload of beer add up to a great evening. Sarah, Brandon, and Pam have built something extremely cool there, and it's hard to walk away from any DL event not feeling better than you went in (Unless you've had a touch too much, then you're stumbling and fighting against gravity).

Last week was a particularly good one to attend. We've had several candidates stop in and visit with us before. But having Steve Cohen stop in was like having a rock star in attendance. I had met him only very briefly before the other night at "greet and grip" events here and there. Last Thursday was the first time I've had occasion to have any substantive conversation with him. It only reinforced my earlier statements on him--- This man is the real deal. Vote for him in the Democratic Primary this year, then send him to Congress.

Gina Cooper of The Yearly Kos was in town as well. TYK has her travelling the country, looking for ways they can help local bloggers build their own blogospheres. In all honesty, I'm not sure that any of us came up with anything. But you know what? It's all good. She was great to talk to, warm, witty, and intelligent. We're all the better for having met her. You can never have too many cool people in your life. They're like Jello--- There's always room for more. And she's a native Memphian, which means she can find her way around the city better than several of the candidates in the 9th District primary.

The usual candidates were there. My ever-so-sexy blogging partner, Pam, Pesky Fly, West Tennessee Liberal, the Three Sarahs (Sarah of Lantana Projects, Serrabee of the aforementioned Rock-n-Roll Minor Planets, and of course, Drinking Liberally Sarah and her husband Brandon), Kevin Gallagher and Liz Rincon of the Cohen campaign, David Upton--- It was like a phenomenal cocktail party, and everywhere you turned, there was a great conversation going on.

I know there are literally dozens of people I haven't mentioned yet. Please don't be offended--- Between me and David Holt, Dish ran out of Guinness. After about 9:30 or so, things get blurry.

I say and do a lot of things on here that people could easily get pissed off about. Anyone can log onto the internet and anonymously post things to piss people off (Like the Stanton supporter that keeps showing up on everyone's blogs). I'm proud of "owning" every comment I've made about someone. I've pissed people off, and I'm proud to have done so. It's not that I don't care--- It's that sometimes, your measure of success is pissing off the right people. And I like to know how I'm doing.

Some bloggers prefer to remain anonymous. I don't blame them. It's a messed up world out there. Everyone should be comfortable with what they're doing. With the things I say and do, it feels like I would be less legit if I hid my identity.

The other night at Dish, I'm in the XY room returning some of the Guinness I rented for the evening, and a young fellow that I had met before at one of the Drinking Liberally events asked me if I was a blogger. I told him I was The Freedonian, and he said "I've read your blog. You don't give a f**k, do you?" I wasn't quite sure what he meant at first, so he said "You just lay it out there. You don't hold back." He told me which campaign he was working for (Not one that I have bashed for race baiting--- Had Cohen not entered the race, his guy would be one that would be in the running for my vote) and encouraged me to keep it up.

This one's for you. Thanks for the encouragement.


David Holt said...

And that campaign dude links to a bunch of us Cohen-supporting-blog-freaks on the campaign blog. Good guy. :-) And damn you for drinking all the good stuff. (If you get this before the DL alcohol kicks in, remind me where and when it is tonight.)

Freedonian said...

Yes he does.

As far as drinking all the good stuff... How do I spell a raspberry? THhhppptttt looks like it covers the bases quite well.

Tonight, the Drinking Liberally Trivia Team will be defending its title at the Flying Saucer downtown. We try to get there around 6:45 or so.