Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ken Lay Is Dead.

Enron founder Ken Lay, perhaps the greatest example of a corporate pirate in the modern era, as well as head of the Bush 2000 transition team, has died in his vacation home in Colorado. You know, the kind of place his employees can't afford because he ripped them off in a stock scam.

It's a shame that he exited this life without ever having known justice. He was convicted last month, and was awaiting sentence, which I can only hope would have been a long one.

Rot in hell, Kenny Boy.

You can click here to see warm, glowing correspondence between the modern day Blackbeard and George W. Bush, half of which is written on State of Texas letterhead. Lay was Bush's benefactor in every way. You might even say that he was the consigliere of the Bush Crime Family.

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