Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Prominent Democrat???

I took WMC-TV to task on this site once for sloppy, slanted reporting (Be one if you must, but being both should get you voted off of the island). And it appears they've done it again.

Richard Fields circulated a letter naming all the people that he endorses for office this year. And of course, since he bashed Democrats, Jason Miles (A repeat offender) was quite interested.

He's a prominent Democrat, as are many of the candidates he's criticizing.

Hmmm... Now it seems to me that if the purpose of a poorly written line like that one is to lend credibility to Fields' bashing (Using the noted Fox News strategy--- Find someone that was at least once connected to the Democrats to do the hatchet job), then might it also have been noteworthy to mention that he is no longer allowed on the Shelby County Democratic Party Executive Committee because he was doing pro bono legal work filing a lawsuit on behalf of a Republican to displace a Democratic candidate.

Let me repeat that for those who do not understand the distinction--- Terry Roland did not hire Richard Fields to file a suit for him--- Fields did it pro bono. As in Latin for "for the good". As in not charging Terry Roland a red penny for his services. If Fields had been paid for the case, no one could have or would have said a word to him about it. He went to Roland and said "This one is on the house".

This guy's a "prominent Democrat" for sure--- A "prominent Democrat" in the Dick Morris tradition, the "I'm taking my marbles and going to the other side" tradition.

Like I said last time, Miles should get the hell out of town. His philosophy, his lack of talent, and his lack of integrity could all be put to use at a higher pay scale working for Fox News.

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