Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tom Ten Reasons To Go To Drinking Liberally Tonight

10. They've got booze there.

9. If West Tennessee Liberal shows up, you can watch a Sunday school teacher get drunk and curse about politicians.

8. Sarah and Brandon are incredibly cool hosts.

7. Seriously, they serve booze there. I shit thee not.

6. You've got to hear Chris Davis's story about the two pretty girls that woke him up on July 4th.

5. People that have not won on Trivia Night at Flying Saucer must come and behold the glory that is our winning certificate. It's the next best thing to a Super Bowl ring.

4. Our regular Beer Goddess, Audra, is easily the cutest waitress in town.

3. The lovely Pam is almost always there.

2. Gina Cooper of Yearly Kos will be there tonight.

1. Did I mention they serve booze?

Tonight at Dish (Corner of Cooper & Young) starting at 6:30.


David Holt said...

I only curse because ya'll are damn sinners. I'm trying to save your souls by supping with you.

I'll come if the wife lets me, but you'll have to ignore the leprosy.

Freedonian said...

Saving our souls? How's that whole thing working out?

David Holt said...

Not too well actually. Considering that I'm just getting home at after 1 in the morning. I think the peskyfly has corrupted me. Or maybe Pam... Who knows... The point is, I give up on ya'll. Now bring me a beer.

Pam said...

It was a collective corrupting effort...

And another one crosses over to the dark side...