Monday, August 14, 2006


The sensational Serrabee put together a pair of Bloggers' Bashes over the last week, and she deserves to be commended. Last night's was actually the finest since I've been doing this.

Pam and I stopped by the one on Thursday for a little while, but we have this lamentable inability to be in two places at once (We've tried it before--- It hasn't worked so far, but we're still holding out hope), so we didn't get to stay long.

It seems like every time I go to one of these, I'm glad because I end up putting faces to words I've read here and there in the past.

Rockgirl, mL from Observatorium, and Lindsey from Theo-Geo I had read before; Kat I had met briefly on Thursday; Philip, Brandon, and Benny were new to me, although I've enjoyed what I've read of their blogs today. And of course, we're all familiar with John Harvey and Thaddeus Matthews.

The Young Avenue Deli's inability (or unwillingness) to split a check has been well documented among those who attended the Thursday Bash, so I'll not belabor the point further; I will only say that the service I encounter in most other places, YAD included, makes me grateful for seeing Audra the Beer Goddess every Thursday at Dish.

But this venue was much better for a Bloggers' Bash than the P&H was for the last one. Everyone loves the P&H except for me. I prefer YAD on many levels, not the least of which is Wi-Fi. Nobody actually DID any live blogging last night, but having the option available is nice on many levels.

All in all though, it was a great event--- Made even better by the serendipty of meeting up with an old friend last night. Rebekah is beautiful and unique to the point that despite not having seen her for more years than I care to recall, I was pretty sure I spotted a picture of her on Rachel & the City a few weeks ago--- And I was pleased to find out last night that it was her.

I had a great time-- Thank you, Serrabee.


Serrabee said...

Yay! Glad you had fun (again).
Meeting people you read is great, and discovering new blogs is another of my faves about the bashes.
Thanks for the compliments & the alliterative nickname.
Let me know if you find out where all the other polibloggers were hiding, will ya?

Mofocrates said...

It was great meeting both of y'all and everyone else at the table. I cannot wait for the next one.

ml said...

It was nice to meet you! I like your blog.

Freedonian said...

Let me know if you find out where all the other polibloggers were hiding, will ya?

I heard there was some kind of drag show in town, so that explains where the Republicans were. They prefer to "look back in Angora".

Freedonian said...

Benny, I'm looking forward to it myself.

ml, I've read Observatorium several times, and I've always enjoyed it. So it was great meeting you the other night.