Thursday, August 03, 2006

Forget the DOJ--- We Need UN Observers...

... to have a decent election here in Memphis.

Jackson Baker broke the story last night about our election commission somehow allowing someone to take aballot box last night. Unfortunately, the CA has sent Halimah Abdullah to cover the story, which means that by the time this story runs its course, it will have turned into a Tinker commercial.

So do yourself a favor and skip the CA on this one. Get the story from Jackson.

And while you're there, stop in and check out Chris Davis's "Truthiness and Consequences". Between those two articles, you can find out what real reporting and real writing look like, in case you've been reading the CA too long.


The CA is now reporting that the missing ballot box in the story above was a "misunderstanding".

However, there's now a second one out there floating around...

Of course, this one isn't an electoral oddity. Just good old-fashioned Memphis crime.

Meantime, the officer in charge of Precinct 36-2 in North Memphis reported that his car was stolen with his poll supplies inside. The TBI is investigating that matter, too, and Duckett said there was little he could say. Election officials went to the polling place at 1542 Jackson this morning with backup supplies to open the poll, he said.

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Wintermute said...

"Tinker commercial" hahahaha

36-2 is my precinct. Fortunately, I early-voted. Hopefully, that vote will be counted. But why did this song pop into my mind?