Thursday, August 03, 2006

From Steve Cohen

Again, the Memphis Flyer gets it right.

Outsiders Are Trying to Buy Your Vote

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During my 30 years in public service, I've made a lot of friends in this city. I appreciate each of the thousands of calls and emails I have received in support of my campaign. They came in from every neighborhood in Memphis. Because of my experience, people know they can rely on me to stand up for issues that affect regular people every day. That's why my pro-education, pro-jobs, pro-health care message has built so much momentum.

The field of congressional candidates is full of drive and ambition. They are bright, energetic, and many of them are youthful. Each has a goal of making Memphis even better and most have stayed on message sharing their vision with voters.

And that is the way elections should be. They should be about candidates and their issues.

If I've learned one thing in politics, it's that you have to stand up for what you believe in order to get things done. And people can disagree without being disagreeable. That's why when one of my opponents questioned my faith, I set that aside. When another ran negative ads against me and the Tennessee Lottery, I moved on with a positive message of hope and opportunity. But last week, another one of my opponents, who, by her own admission after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars was still far behind in the polls, took a road so low that I had to speak up and say "enough."

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