Monday, August 21, 2006


I was looking around at the activity on other blogs over the weekend, and one thing jumped out at me.

Thaddeus Matthews, who had correctly been referring to "Joke Ford" has now started referring to him by his semi-proper name, Jake, and seems to be pushing the absurd idea that "only a black" can represent the 9th District (Which means that Thaddeus was ostensibly against him before he was for him).

So... How well has the 9th District been represented over the last ten years by a black man that votes like a white Republican? The black community supported a Ford over Steve Cohen last time this seat was open--- How well has that worked out?

Did you end up with a strong advocate for African-American issues, or did you end up with a congressman that constantly runs interference for the Bush White House on Iraq?

Did you end up with an advocate for the poor and working class, or did you end up with an advocate for the banking industry that voted for the bankruptcy bill?

The idea that you would be better off represented by a high school dropout who failed to "get over" as a wrestler than by a State Senator with well over two decades of progressive politics in his rear view mirror is absolutely counterproductive. Unlike Jake Ford, I care enough about the needs of the black community that I don't want to see them shoot themselves in the foot by sending someone to Congress that they simply cannot trust to represent their interests.

Harold Ford Sr. was a magnificent Congressman that truly looked after the needs of his community. His record as a progressive was unassailable.

But his sons, much like George Bush's, have proven why inherited political power is a terrible idea. Unlike the Bushes, Harold Jr. has proven that the apple can indeed fall far from the tree.

Where does that leave Jake? Who in the world knows? He has no record as a politician. In fact, he has no record of employment anywhere that a family member wouldn't be filling out his evaluations.

It's well past time that we look past the politics of racial demagoguery that have plagued Memphis for far too long. I don't care about the skin color of a candidate.

Imagine for a moment that the roles are reversed. A black candidate has 24 years of experience as an effective progressive leader in the State Senate, and a white candidate got kicked out of multiple schools, has never held a non-family job for any impressive amount of time, and has no political experience whatsoever.

Do you think for a moment that white voters would have a tough choice to make?

I'll even go a step further: If all other things were equal, and both were seasoned progressive leaders that were imminently qualified, there's still a 50% chance I would have gone for the black candidate.

So the idea that anyone would look to skin color as a qualifier for holding public office is absolutely foreign to me.

***While we're on the subject, please see this excellent post in Crackerville. He's got an interesting theory we should all look at.


Unlisted said...

The comments over there are sick, and the letter Mr Matthews posted was just ignorant filth.

I am truly saddened for the city of Memphis by all of this "elect a black at all costs" ignorance.

I am afraid that it just might work.

Unlisted said...

Someone suggested this:

I've read Mr. Larsha's article and, based upon his reasoning, I propose that Harold Ford, Jr. drop out of the Senate race because Tennessee is a majority white state and therefore deserves only white Senators

The logic looks ugly when inverted on its face does it not?

Kate said...

Link to Thaddeus's comments please?

Freedonian said...

Yeah UL, I can barely even believe my eyes when I read that site. I keep desperately wanting to believe that at least part of that drivel is a joke.

I did see a comment over there a few minutes ago that should give people pause--- If Jake is such a part of the black community that he deserves votes strictly over his skin color, then why is is HQ in Southwind?

And yes--- That same logic inverted is hideous. I would kick a white candidate in the nuts if the best thing he could muster is "Vote for me or a black person gets the job."

Freedonian said...


I thought about not doing a link because of the way Thaddeus complains anytime anyone else links on his site.

While I'm not a supporter of Jake Ford for congress,I am not a supporter of blacks losing power in Washington. Harold Ford Jr. will more than likely not get elected,that would leave blacks in this state with no power in Washington. Are blacks in this state supposed to believe that whites will fight for their issues and causes?
9:27 AM

Of course, less than a week ago, he was referring to him as "Joke Ford, the GED candidate".

Blinders Off said...

The black and white racists are in love with is TM blog because he ignites it. He is also a flip flopper on IMPORTANT issues. Someone commented that TM must have been paid off. That is not an unbelievable assertion. It is no secret politics is a dangerous and dirty game when career politicians and powerhouses are threaten to loose something.

I stopped long ago commenting on TM site because there are too many ignorant anonymous commenters. I could not keep quiet on that one. When I have something on my mind I say it, therefore I commented on his

Coming Tomorrow: Shelby County Democratic Party Executive Board Member Prepares to Push For The Election Of Jake Ford.

I do not waste time or energy to respond anonymous poster who replies with ignorance as they did with the following:

Anonymous said...
Anon 12:42pm,

I did not post as Anon; I posted with my blog name.

Well, well, you call "it" (race) OPPORTUNITY KNOCKING, that is a good one.
You noted Cohen waited on the field to get "too Black" then Cohen got "in."

I never said Cohen waited on the field to get “too Black”. That is how he/she interpreted it. My point was the talented Blacks could not let their egos go to dwindle it down to the strongest one or two to go against Cohen, they had every opportunity to do so before the primary. The people have spoken and Cohen won it. So why get pissed off now.

It is only poetic justice for opportunity to now knock him out with a JOKER!
2:01 PM

Poetic justice is if the intelligent voters in D9 put Cohen in office because it would display progression in the city of Memphis and the race card did not work.

I bet you a silver dime if TM turned off anonymous posting it would be a different ball game. One can only hope people of intelligence can interpret the truth from progressive posters at his site.

Do not get me started on the Mr. Larsha's post. Only in Memphis

Kate said...

Having a website and then asking people not to link it? Bwah?

That's like writing a book and then telling people not to read it.

Making a movie and telling people not to watch it.

Writing a song and then telling people not to listen to it.

Kate said...

Ok, I made it like 10 comments in, and I need a cigarette and a cup of coffee.

Freedonian said...

I bet you a silver dime if TM turned off anonymous posting it would be a different ball game.

Blinders, I don't think you could find anyone to take that bet. The anonymity helps perpetuate the stupidity.

I don't have my name on the home page of my blog, but no one is ever more than a mouseclick away from seeing it. I felt that if the things I said were to carry any weight, I couldn't do it from behind a mask.

Make me anonymous, and I have no incentive to even put a moment's thought into what I'm saying.

Freedonian said...


I didn't make that very clear. If anyone else posts a link anywhere near his blog, he gets pissed. He has no blogroll. He won't promote anyone's work but his own. I cringe at the thought of giving him publicity, because I know he'll never return the favor.

Kate said...

It's official. Somebody owes me a drink.

Freedonian said...

Is it me?

Kate said...

I think it's Del.

Anonymous said...

That is my favorite section of comments ever. You have everything - blatant racism, ignorance, grammatical mistakes, and people saying nice things about Jake. I read some of them out loud, just to see if my head would actually explode.


Freedonian said...

Del? Dude, you're getting a Del.


Did it? I find that I occasionally have to wrap duct tape really tightly around my head to keep all the pieces in if it explodes.

Of course, when that happens, the lack of oxygen to my brain leaves me thinking Nikki Tinker is sexy, and that it's always Tinker Time.

Unlisted said...

I don't understand how Thaddeus' blog got so popular. Most people see that he is an ego manical wannabe. However, even I feel compelled to go there and see what he is talking about.

I suppose it is a little like slowing down to look at a car wreak on the freeway.

Kate said...

I haven't had a physically violent reaction yet. I generally just laugh for about 30 minutes in hysterics and then all of a sudden get really sad when I realize these people are serious.

ewmandamn said...

I think I would actually feel more informed reading the National Enquirer or watching Jerry Springer than TM's blog. It just goes to show you how much folks love gossip.

Freedonian said...


It's precisely like that. I'm sure I would have a higher hit count if all I did was try to get people pissed off at each other and insulting one another. I didn't want to be the Jerry Springer of the blogosphere. After all, I can't afford the big bald bouncer.

But yes, I go too--- It's like a bad movie. Have you ever watched a movie so shitty that you couldn't look away?

Freedonian said...

Kate, it usually takes me all of five minutes there to feel my face growing hotter.

Freedonian said...


That or Wonkette. They're both about as informative.

ewmandamn said...

He reminds me of the fat kid off of Goonies, Chunk. You know the one who always had some big story to tell but could never get the facts right or it ended up total BS. Truffle Shuffle!!!

Unlisted said...


I know what you mean about the bad movies. Believe it or not, I will probably end up seeing "Rocky Balboa" this winter. I know it will probably stink, but something is drawing me to see just how bad

Desi Franklin said...


But first, I say a bunch of us go there one last time and start linking to LWC and WTL and Freedonian and Pesky Fly all at once and suggesting that readers there come here and to other blogs that don't remind one so much of peering at a car wreck. You might have to have one or two provocative post titles like "XXX pix of babes for Thaddeus Matthews" or something.

Who cares if Thaddeus gets mad? He's a disgusting sleazeball and self aggrandizing bully. That and his prurient interest in Rich Fields' private life makes me wonder if he is trying to compensate for something lacking in his own privates - I mean, well never mind.

Of course, someone would have to show me how to do a link.

Freedonian said...


If you'll hit me at the Freedonian Mailbag, I'll teach you all you want to know.

Freedonian said...


With no Adrian, I'm afraid that one has jumped the shark for me.

However, I am eagerly awaiting the Special Mother&&^*in' Super Duper Mother&&^*in' Edition DVD of "Snakes On a Plane". It will fit well alongside "Mystery Men" and "Johnny English" on my horrible movie shelf.

Freedonian said...

Chunk... I like that. I might have to borrow it sometime.

Blinders Off said...

TM favorite line on his blog when commenters say something referencing his call half-truths and gossip with a reasonable response are the following.

"I am my own man, and I have loyalty to know one. (That is his #1 problem) I do not give a damn what know one throws or think of me. My past was posted for all to see. (#2 The day is going to come when he do give a damn.) If you do not what I say stay off my blog because my site is viewed by people all over the world and do not be promoting your blog on my sight". (#3 The world…damn if that is a fact…why was the CA the only one who mentioned it on their blogroll…where is the other press release about your blog besides the few in Memphis.) (#4 that is no problem staying off your blog because it mostly being receiving anon commenters’ black and white race baiters who want to spew venom at each other.) The visitors who have constructive counter response to him and his baiters are going to realize there are better blogs in Memphis when it comes to politics and issues. The truth is many people see him as a desperate man wanting to be an insider who can influence the outcome of a situation or issue.

For him to say he is own questionable by how he flip-flops on his so call independent thoughts. He is actually a pawn in the game of political chess, ruled by the pawns of the Queen and King on both sides of the political parties here in Memphis. The only opinions he is having an effect on are the citizens who are stuck in the past of Memphis history.

However, I am also guilty of viewing his site once in while. For tabloid entertainment, and to see who pissed on him, or people who wants him to fight their battle. After reading a few comments…I move on because it is pathetic to read all the ignorant comments, every once in while you run across comments with substance.

He stated on his tabloid blog, If Richard Fields endorses Cohen that would be a political kiss of death. I LMAO when I read that because in actuality an endorsement by HIM is a kiss of death.

I have a question and if someone knows it please answer it. Is the way he runs his blog the same way he was on radio? If it is, I understand why he is off the airwave. Credibility is important factor when you want to expose people personal business and life. He could have been a force to reckon with if he LISTENED to people of reason and give the person he plans to talk about a chance to tell their side of the story without being blind-sided.

I stated before and I am stating it again, TM is his own worse enemy. He do not recognize when he is being USED for someone else agenda.

Freedonian, I knew I won’t get any backers for my silver dime bet because if he turned of his anon link he know he will not get the traffic he gets now and, he can’t handle the truth and debate from actually bloggers. How about this, I bet a silver dime he read all the other blogs.

Freedonian said...

He stated on his tabloid blog, If Richard Fields endorses Cohen that would be a political kiss of death. I LMAO when I read that because in actuality an endorsement by HIM is a kiss of death.

But... Isn't Richard Fields responsible for all of the evil in the world?

I'm not fond of Fields myself. When he circulated his list of endorsees, I bashed it too. I didn't take it to the extraordinary depths TM did, but I didn't care for it in the least.

I don't think you can blame/credit Fields for the Dem losses on Election Day, though. The endorsement of a single person that doesn't hold any kind of office makes little difference. It's just more noise in an election season to the average person,who doesn't necessarily keep up with issues and candidates all that well.

There were some good candidates that were beaten that day. How much better would we have done if we had a sheriff's candidate that hadn't spent time as a defendant? That was one of the better known races, and love of Luttrell is something less than universal. It was a weak part of a ticket, and strengthening it would have been a huge boost.

Anonymous said...

Freedonian -

My head didn't explode, but I did lose some brain cells that I can't get back.


Freedonian said...


I use beer for that.

Blinders Off said...


No way in hell was I promoting Richard Fields by TM statement.

I should have said an endorsment by TM is a political kiss of death just like an enodorsment by RF.


TM could have been referring a political kiss of death to what RF did during the primary. I am positive this is the reason information surfaced about RF and his family from sources to post on TM site. With that said, I still do not see to much of a difference in TM actions on his blog when he is attacking individuals. For the sake of argument, I am not saying TM like sex with young girls like RF is being accused of and I pray what they have been saying about his son is not true. If it is true is should suffer the consequences.

There are some real issues concerning the citizens of Memphis he could stick his teeth into, but he choose to go after political issues. Just my humble opinion when he start flip flopping on a legitimate political issue I believe it is because of hidden agendas. btw...many blacks are not buying what TM is selling.

Desi Franklin said...

Regarding Richard Fields,

Rich is a principled and courageous person who has spent his professional life working for civil rights, taking unpopular cases such as:

representing the NAACP legal defense fund for years in desegregating the Memphis City Schools (although that was undermined by white flight),

assisting the residents of the McKinney Truse neighborhood, a small East Memphis neighborhood located where Home Depot now stands, which was like something out of the rural south circa 1920 until very recently, in selling their completely shamefully unmaintained neighborhood as a block of real estate parcels so that those folks got as much as possible when they sold, instead of getting picked off by developers,

representing Judge Rita Stotts' father in an employment discrimination action resulting in his becoming the 1st black Memphis city firefighter,


Rich can be combative, but he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and has done so consistently for 30+ years. When I married Ken Neill in 1982, Rich came to our wedding and for a present gave us a book called Unlikely Heroes, a history of the federal judges of the Fifth Circuit who desegregated the schools of the deep south. He worked at Ratner and Sugarmon, a biracial civil rights firm, during the 70s and 80s. I was lucky to be clerking there that summer.

I applaud what he did with the judicial races. It mattered to him that excellence in legal talent and judicial demeanor be maintained over party loyalty. As a lawyer I appreciate that. Those races are nonpartisan for a reason, and the party should never have considered endorsments in the first place.

I have no idea what the facts are in his family matters. None of us is other than human, but Rich deserves our respect, not to have his name dragged through the mud by some slimemold blogger looking to be somebody who will never had a thimblefull of Rich's courage and commitment to advancing Memphis.

Freedonian said...

Those races are nonpartisan for a reason, and the party should never have considered endorsments in the first place.

You and I are in 100% agreement there.