Friday, August 11, 2006

Meet The New Ford, Same As the Old Ford...

The other night, we held a retirement party for Joe Lieberman. Genuine progressives all around the country celebrated the victory of genuine progressive principles over the right wing, accomodationist wing of the party. Joe Lieberman was the symbol of all of that. Whether it was the war, or any range of social issues, he earned the coveted Zell Miller Award for Excellence in "What the Hell Party Am I In?"

Here's the problem. He's not the worst offender. In fact, one of the worst is stinking up our own back yard.

The Drum Major Institute's most recent study of our Congressmen and whether or not they voted in the interests of middle class Americans was quite telling. Harold Ford got 38%. In case you need that score in perspective, let's put it this way: Joe Lieberman, the very symbol of treasonous Democrats, outscored him by 25%. When it came to voting for progressive values, Harold Ford finished in a dead heat with Mike DeWine, one of the most conservative people on Capitol Hill.

He doesn't represent black people any better. Harold Ford is consistently ranked dead last on the Congressional Black Caucus Report Card. His average score from them has been even lower than the Drum Major score--- He votes with the CBC a staggering 32.5% of the time. There are whites that vote the CBC position more often than he does.

When it comes to being progressive, Harold Ford could improve and still suck.

And then, of course, there's his high school dropout brother, Jake. I was looking at his website earlier, and one thought kept ringing through my mind over and over:

Who the hell does he think he's fooling?

Jake says he wants to end the occupation of Iraq. From his website: "I will work with the Congress and the Bush Administration to create a plan to bring our troops home soon from Iraq... The Bush Administration does not have a plan for withdrawal in Iraq and an open-ended war there is not what the American people need. "

Yet his brother refuses to even engage in any serious conversation about a way to end it (He might offend his new friends at Fox News).

Does this mean he's calling out his brother? That is what those who oppose the war do, is it not?

He'll not say a word against his brother on this issue. It might screw up Harold's chances of going to the Senate so he can continue backing this war just like he's done time and time again.

How about those Bush tax cuts, huh? You know the ones--- They cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans out there and readjusted the standards for the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) so that the middle class is now targeted by a tax that was intended solely for the very richest people in America. Harold backed them and gave cover fire to the conservatives that voted for it. Where's his brother on this? Is Jake going to speak out against his brother to try and pick up this seat?

How about the Bankruptcy Reform Bill? For better or worse, the Ninth District is the bankruptcy capital of America. Harold's vote made sure that being bankrupt in America now means you're homeless in America, and that any household is one major illness from living in a car. Where is his brother on this? Jake's only professional experience is with the "Harold Ford Group", so he should probably be careful when answering that one, lest his brother's own legislative skills land him on the streets.

Jake Ford can't run on the issues in the current campaign. If he talks about the issues at all, it only reminds people of how absolutely worthless Harold has been on many of them. Probably not the smartest thing to do in an election year.

Harold Ford Sr. was great. Harold Ford Jr. was a bad sequel. And Jake Ford is a sequel that doesn't need to be made.


Jim Maynard said...
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Wintermute said...

Doubt Blogger will pick this link up, so hello Joe Ford, Jr.

As I told you and others, I like your advanced world view, Joe; and I'm not the only one who thinks that way.

Let's hang and rap, bruh man.

Wintermute said...

Forgot the durn link, appreciating Mr. Joe:

Freedonian said...

Absolutely, Joe. Thank you.

And thank you, Jim. I think Harold has stopped himself more thoroughly than anyone else ever could.

JSF said...

I appreciate the support. This November election will be very interesting. I definitely learned a lot about the political game during the August primary. Considering my experience (or lack thereof) along with the money we raised, I am very happy with our results. I'm always down to rap about world/national/state/local politics.

Joe Ford Jr.

Freedonian said...

I, for one, would love that, Thank you.Joe.

Veronica said...

I think this adage rings true... show me your company, and I will tell you who you are.

Like Thaddeus Matthews, for example, who has his own agenda/ulterior motive for trashing HFJ. The fact that you facilitate him and other detractors, to undermine HFJ, says a great deal about your character, or lack thereof.

By now, you should have realised that Thaddeus Matthews, ex-hired help of your uncle, has an axe to grind and personal vendetta. He uses his blog as a vehicle for his obsession. And, if you had any integrity, you would appreciate that his trashing of HFJ, in particular, has nothing whatsoever to do with political discourse.

Perhaps you, mistakenly, thought that Thaddeus was a major player in town and that by giving him what he wanted, he would somehow scratch your back... Well, looks like Mr Matthews has double-crossed you, doesn't it?

The same people who trash your family on Thaddeus' blog are the same people who egged you on, and the same people who now have no respect for you - whatsoever - primarily because of your self-centered, ruthless conduct.

I see so-called liberal/progressive bloggers are massaging your ego. Are you that stupid, fickle, grudgeful, blindly ambitious not to see what the deal is?

It is undeniable how potent it is that one of HFJ's biggest enemies is actually one of his own kin. More the fool you. Like Thaddeus, they will just use you... for their own ulterior motive/agenda. But because you have no love for HFJ, if he does not win in November, it will make you happy. Sick.

You say that you are very happy with the outcome of your campaign. Really? Perhaps you are delusional and your ego will not permit you to acknowledge what the voters of Memphis really think of you.

You miscalculated, once again. People are more discerning than you gave them credit for. And, you underestimated that - after all is said and done - ultimately, (black) people did not like it that you could so shamelessly trash family. If you can do that to family, what would you be prepared to do to poor, ignorant people that you behave as though you are superior to?

You have exposed yourself to be an extremely arrogant, disloyal person and, therefore, the type of individual that is not to be trusted.

I think it is transparent --- you are jealous of your own cousin, HFJ!

Freedonian said...

It is undeniable how potent it is that one of HFJ's biggest enemies is actually one of his own kin.

No Veronica. HFJ's biggest enemy is himself. By consistently selling out the values of his constituents, he's given Corker a stronger foothold than he could have had otherwise.

He's competing with Corker for the same questionable 10% of undecided voters out there, and on every issue, he's taken a "can't beat 'em, join 'em" attitude. He's decided to try to run to the right of the GOP. Even when you get past the absolutely corrosive effect that has on base-building, it's a miserable strategy that has been met with failure time and again. Have you forgotten the 2002 midterms?

I think it is transparent --- you are jealous of your own cousin, HFJ!

Actually, I would say it's just the opposite. HFJ has dug his own grave slowly over the last few years. Joe has done no such thing. He managed a third place finish in a primary without spending much money at all. Unlike HFJ and Jake, he's managed to earn a living that doesn't involve getting a handout from the family.

I see no reason not to believe that Joe Jr. is anything but a return to the kind of progressive values that this family led with before HFJ decided to out-Lieberman Lieberman.

JSF said...

Veronica, I have read your message several times to see what your specific issue is with me and I still can't find it.

How does posting a link to a blog entry make me an "enemy" to HFJ? While I may disagree with some of his politics, I wish HFJ the best in his endeavors. Nevertheless, I post all views and comments on my blog on myspace.

As for me being jealous, give me a break. Why would I be jealous of HFJ? I don't recall ever even talking about HFJ on Thaddeus' page.

And yes, I am VERY PROUD of my campaign. I guess I'm delusional that nearly 10,000 people voted for me in a race with 14 other candidates. I guess I'm delusional that current candidates have been asking my advice since the primary election. I guess I'm delusional that people have been asking me to consider running for office in 2007.

My brother Justin & I took on the Memphis political world in my 1st ever race -- a Congressional race. We didn't have the funding and contributions that some of my opponents did. Despite these obstacles, I was still able to get nearly 10,000 votes through hard work and a plan for success.

And, you underestimated that - after all is said and done - ultimately, (black) people did not like it that you could so shamelessly trash family. If you can do that to family, what would you be prepared to do to poor, ignorant people that you behave as though you are superior to?

Where have you seen me trash family? Please post specific references. Also, when have I ever behaved as if I was superior to anyone? You are the one calling people "ignorant," so it appears that you are the one with the superiority complex and not me.

Veronica said...

What I've said (albeit harshly because I am angry) is as plain as day, yet you can't fathom, eh? You're a 'smart' guy, I'm sure you'll work it out, if you really want to - someday, perhaps. If not, it's merely my perception of you/distasteful situation. And, what does it matter anyway? Quite.

Since you are familiar with Thaddeus Matthews' blog, it should be apparent what context I am using when referring to "ignorant" --- lacking/destitute of knowledge, uninformed (about a fact/subject), unconscious.

I hope you are as proud of yourself as a person and what you are prepared to do, in order to achieve your goals, as you are of your campaign.

So far, indications are that you have exactly what it takes, in order to climb that greasy pole and realise your political ambitions.
Good luck to you.