Friday, August 18, 2006

The Nexus of Politics and Terror

In case you haven't seen it yet, Olbermann put together a magnificent report that charted the occurrence of raises in the terror alert level anytime there's something going on that could be embarrassing for the White House. I told some friends about it last night that hadn't seen it yet; This is for them.


vibinc said...

I find this very interesting. Just a couple of days after the whole liquid bomb thing in Brittain, I wondered aloud if there might be some correlation between the adjustment of threat levels and embarrasing moments for the Administration. Though there may be as much to this story as to the dwindling number of existing pirates affecting global warming, it's still interesting to see that someone else, on a much more public scale, has noticed this coincidence.


Freedonian said...

Olbermann is pehnomenal. I'd always said this was done; I can't help thinking back to the day after the '04 Dem Convention when they raised the terror alert, and we found out it was over a guy they'd already had in custody for months by that point.

And people accused Clinton of wagging the dog... Could you imagine the uproar if he'd put the nation "on alert" every time he was about to end up on the shit end of a news cycle?

vibinc said...

Oh good Lord!

Clinton sent a couple of missles at some abandoned al Qaeda training camp and it's like he got another $70 million blowjob that he was trying to hide.


I don't think the media will EVER really bust these folks. It's too abstract for the average 12 second attention span viewer (such a pity the bar is so low).

And hell, if O'Reiley or Glen Beck, or any of those other RWM douchebags don't get all pissed off about it, in their demented loofah and boiled steak driven world no one (those people with the 12 second attention span) will EVER hear about it (I have no idea where the boiled steak thing came from).

The government will NEVER ACT RESPONSIBILY until the electorate start educating themselves and (more importantly) start HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

I now retun me to my regularly scheduled set drawing and beer.