Monday, August 21, 2006

Snakes on a Race

Mover over Tinker – It’s “Joke time”!

And just when you though things were going to chill out, here we go again. Indeed, temperatures in Memphis are not cooling down and -evidently- hot races in Memphis aren’t either.

The election of Steve Cohen as the Democratic candidate for the 9th Congressional District and the debut of Joke Ford as his opposing independent candidate, have once again ignited the racial debate across the blogosphere. TMB blog has become the main stage of this debate, in which people have forgone all political correctness and decorum in expressing their beliefs and launching corresponding attacks. Blacks are calling whites racists; whites are calling blacks racists; blacks are calling each other racists; yo’mamma is calling yo’ass racist… so on and so forth. There are some motherf@cking SNAKES on this motherf@king RACE!!

Although the early beginnings of this debate where somewhat engaging, lately, it has acquired that common and predictable tone of W’s press conferences (It’s the terrorists! 9/11!). It’s old, it’s stale, IT’S BORING!!

Granted, racial pandering and demagoguery bring out the high passions and low ethics that make politics somewhat bearable, at least in the entertainment sense. But come on now, can we get a little creative here? Let me elaborate a bit further.

Clearly, the zenith of all controversy centers around the concept of “candidate qualifications.” This sub-issue has reached epic proportions. Simply put, by “traditional” standards, one candidate is qualified while the other one is not. Jake Ford’s supporters claim that these standards where designed purposely to sink underachieving candidates.

Although I disagree, I would like to try to see things from their point of view. Thus I propose that we give in their arguments and set a whole new of set standard to judge competing candidates for the 9th District. How about we settle this race by say, a wrestling match perhaps? Boxing, anybody? Karaoke? Dance-off? These are just some of the alternatives out there that seem to work better for some candidates.

Evidently, by rearranging qualification standards, one of these candidates would have a considerable advantage over the other one. And the winner would be the buffoon-elected to represent us in the circus that takes place at the capitol in DC. Further, the proceeds of the match should go straight to educational programs, to ensure that future voters get the resources and knowledge to discern well between a right choice and a joke.

(Thank you TMB, for giving us something to blog about during work hours…)


Freedonian said...

If we're basing it on karaoke now, I'm going to throw my hat in the ring. I do a pretty mean "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Then again, I could sing one in honor of the lovely Pam...

Pam said...

You know that doing so would justify the reinstatement of political assesinations...

Freedonian said...

Oh, like we ever gave that up...

Desi Franklin said...

Thaddeus Matthews is like one of those kids who desperately wants attention and will do anything to get it.

I wouldn't thank him for anything - he'll misconstrue it as more proof of his grandiosity.

Yes, I too got sucked in for a day or two, because the discussion was allegedly going to be about big issues we face in Memphis, but all of us hitting on his blog just continued his emboldenment to say outrageous things about Rich Fields, things that reflect his obsession with someone who has pushed back aggressively against his prurient interest in "getting" people who disagree with him.

Thaddeus has no interest in anything including important issues except as it somehow makes him the big dog. He is disgusting.

Pam said...

Well, I agree. He is a loser by all means, but I enjoy making fun of his derailments, specially on this issue. It's my cyber-guilty pleasure.

Pam said...

He He He

Larshass just issued his second article titled "Jake Ford to Rescue!" about how Joke will save the blackness of the 9th congressional seat.

Uhmmm... you mean, in a FEMA-on-Katrina sort of way?

Unlisted said...

I must say that the reason I have been going there the past few days is actually to try to appeal to those with some intelligence that read Thaddeus' blog that this race issue is silly, silly, silly.

"Hey, vote for me!"


"Because I'm 'black' "

"Ooooh, now it makes perfect sense"

I was hoping that with Cohen's victory a few weeks ago and a victory in November, that we could actually begin to move toward a new era in Memphis where race does not matter. Hopefully in November, looking at all of this in retrospect, we will see this as a last gasp by race baiters to hold on to the race baiting era.

Freedonian said...

I must say that the reason I have been going there the past few days is actually to try to appeal to those with some intelligence that read Thaddeus' blog that this race issue is silly, silly, silly.

You know, I believe that's the right thing to do. But it's really hard to appeal to someone's better angels when someone else is trying to pander to the lowest common denominator. What gets more viewers--- Frontline or Springer?

Hopefully in November, looking at all of this in retrospect, we will see this as a last gasp by race baiters to hold on to the race baiting era.

I hope you're right.

Unlisted said...

You know one thing you guys may want to keep in mind, with all this flip flopping, is that Mr Matthews plans to run for a City Council super district position next year.

Kate said...

What offends me most about the racde-baiting isn't the specific attacks. It's not the racial epithets. It's not the blind righteousness.

What offends me is the fact that is playing on the idea that African Americans in the 9th district are too dumb to make their own deicisions. It's running based on the assumption that an entire demographic can be put in blinders and that an actual issue never has to be addressed.

Yes there are some people out there who are genuinely stupid. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But, if you're claiming to want to help move African-American Memphis forward, if you're claiming to promote progressive ideals, how dare you treat these people like a bunch of ignorant peons.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that if it does come to karaoke, Kate will win it for the Cohen side.


Unlisted said...

I agree Kate. They are trying to re-frame the entire debate by saying that if the representative is not black, then it is "taxation without representation"

These are scare tactits, and yes, it only takes a modicum of intelligence to see through it. It is really sad that many people are going to fall for this trick.

I didn't even think that mindless dribble written by Mr Larsha was worthy of posting.

MemphisPixy said...

I am sympathetic to the argument that the ninth district should be represented by an African-American. However, Jake Ford is not qualified to represent the district. I think the issue should end there. Jake Ford is not qualified.

Cohen has proven that he is progressive and will fight for causes that are important to African-Americans. Jake Ford might be progressive or he might not be but his viewpoints don't matter because he isn't qualified. I don't think that being a Congressman is rocket science. But when you come from a priviledged background, I think at a minimum you need a college degree. You need to have held a job where a family member wasn't your boss.

I think that a lot of African-Americans in theory would like an African-American to represent them but not at the expense of qualifications. I don't think that Jake Ford can establish himself as credible alternative. He will walk away with about 15 percent of the vote.

Tinker, Stanton, Kyles, Pratcher, Harris, Mitchell, and Joe Ford were all qualified to represent the district but they lost. Cohen won and we need to stop talking about Jake Ford because he isn't worth talking about.

He failed as a wrestler and he will fail in his bid to represent the ninth district.

Freedonian said...


I've heard that. We can only hope for some decent opposition.

What else have they got? Their only chance at getting over is duping people. I don't think they're assuming they're ignorant--- I think they're just hoping.

I'm not unsympathetic to it either. If this was a well-qualified candidate, this conversation would actually be an examination to see who is the better candidate. It's just not the case, though. Jake has the one background that makes GWB's look solid by comparison.

Kate said...

Ok, I've been hearing the phrase "taxation without representation" a lot lately. I heard it on C-SPAN this morning talking about flood insurance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I heard it last night on the Daily Show in some joke about democracy in Iraq. I've been hearing it a lot lately in the race blogs. It's becoming almost as misused the words "freedom" and "democracy" when coming out of the mouth of George W. Bush. Cut it out, yo.

I would gladly do so.


Anonymous said...

I found a WWW site that has some different types of images about Joke, Harold, Jr. and Issac Ford along with some of the jailed and near jailed who were caught dancing to the Tennessee Waltz.