Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Would you elect a congressional candidate that does not dare to confront his opponent overtly? Someone who has so little substance that he must disguise his identity to cowardly attack others? Would you vote for someone who is so incompetent that he can’t even protect his own anonymity from being discovered?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you have selected Jake Ford to be your next Congressman. Congratulations – please [don’t] play again…

Jake Ford has being identified as the driving force being the slanderous website attacking Senator Steve Cohen. Although he almost did a decent job at keeping his involvement secret, he was outsmarted --and outed-- by a group of concerned individuals, collectively (and sometimes infamously) known as “The Liberal Bloggers.” Can you say B-U-S-T-E-D?

Can you imagine this guy in Congress? Hypothetical scenario here: let’s say that W does start a war with Iran. And here is the letter that W gets from the 9th Congressional Dist. House Representative:

“Dear President:

I do not know what my constituents think about this issue, because I haven’t asked them. Nor can they reach me, as I prefer to remain anonymous. Yet my years spent at the Ford School of Politics instinctively tell me that they agree with me on this issue. I urge you to listen to my constituents and follow my instincts about this war as well. Otherwise, I will be force to make justice prevail by revealing your “true” intentions in a tell-all website and I will write a letter to the corresponding authorities to demand further inquiry upon my claims.

Yours Truly,

The Congressman that dare not speak its name

What’s next? Body-slamming in a mask, cape and tights?

As much as I want to poke fun at this issue, my sense of humor is being slightly overshadowed by real concern. It appalls me that he is so inclined to deceive and smear from the get-go, as opposed to running a clean campaign. In all due fairness, all we know so far about him is that his last name is Ford, he is African-American, and he is willing to cheat and slander his way to his big brother’s former seat. The only decent campaign activity on record to this day, is that he has put up signs. But what do we know about his position on issues? Nada. And about his accomplishments? Zero. Community service? Zilch. Tax returns and personal finances? Zip.

Did he not pay attention to the primaries? Tinker’s muddy campaign mailers and Bolton’s attempts to create racial divide did not work. On the contrary voters were offended and voted them both off the show. Does he really think the key to making the Tinker/Bolton strategy work better is to do the same but “anonymously”?

The bottom line is that a person who is capable of planning, engineering and executing such a fiasco is inept, untrustworthy and vile. Call me picky, but those aren’t exactly the “qualities” I look forward to in a congressional candidate. Specially, when his opponent --the legitimately elected Democratic candidate-- is known for the embodying the exact opposite characteristics for 25 years… and has a record to prove it.

We cannot let Jake Ford represent us. The last thing we need in Congress is yet another can’t-speak-truth-to-power coward claiming to be a real Democrat.


Freedonian said...

You tell 'em, baby.

It appalls me that he is so inclined to deceive and smear from the get-go, as opposed to running a clean campaign.

What else has he got? Can he run on his experience? His education? There are people paid to mop up jizz at adult theaters that have more of both.

The only part of this that I can disagree with is "he almost did a decent job at keeping his involvement secret".

He was an utter failure even at that.

Pam said...

Well, he almost did at the time... But I am with you. He is an utter failure.

Blinders Off said...

It appears Space Ninja was correct in his suspicion and your link BUSTED confirmed it.

Corker is attacking HFJ and he will soon start attacking back. I expected a dirty campaign from them.

On the other hand, Jake Ford is attacking and he is a phantom to many register voters. Steve Cohen is a qualified legislator needed in Washington during this uncertainty in America presently. It would be a travesty if Jake For wins over a qualified legislator like Steve Cohen with the information stated on his website that will by a travesty.

This bullshit about a white man cannot represent a predominately black like saying Clinton could not revive Harlem. Hell, Cohen just might surprise all the naysayer in his first years in Congress and get re-elected.

Oh, btw Freedonian you been plugged at the site who do not promote.

PeskyFly said...

Flotsam, Jetsam

Anonymous said...

All I want to know is where do I get my "Crooked Cohen" lapel stickers.

Freedonian said...

If the candidate behind it could man up enough to state who he is, would you have to ask?

Jake Ford knows he ain't got shit. A couple of out of context quotes and some nothing charges don't make the case. If they did, Joke Ford would attach his name to it.

Freedonian said...

I saw that, Blinders. It's hard not to be pleased with that.

Desi Franklin said...


Do tell. What was the plug for?

Not that we care what that self-aggrandizing nasty asshole thinks. But I'm nevertheless glad of the notice of you.

And of course kudos to Pam here and Autoegcrat over on the new RCMB blog for exposing yet one more obvious reason why we should not vote for Jake Ford.

Anonymous said...

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