Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Big Surprise... Barbarians at the Gate!

The news out of Washington today is that the GOP has decided to table immigration "reform" for the coming year, ostensibly because of the impasse between the Senate's idea of immigration overhaul, which could eventually lead to citizenship for some, and the House's idea of it, which consists of saying "There are way too many brown people here".

Of course, the real story is this: Much like all of the other wedge issues Republicans use to try and divide Americans, this is not a "problem" that they wish to solve; It's simply something for them to complain about in an election year.

How many times can they run the "barbarians at the gate" electoral strategy without their voter base ever wising up?

Terrorism: "Islamic extremists are coming to destroy your country and your way of life... And only WE stand between you and them. " Meanwhile, we're coming up on five years since "Wanted dead or alive", and Osama and his lieutenants are on TV more often than the guy that played Urkel.

Gays: "Homosexuals won't be happy until your marriage means absolutely nothing. They're here to destroy your beliefs and your culture, and only WE stand between them and you." Meanwhile, there's little evidence that gay marriage is anything but a shell game designed to bring out religious voters every election year. Want some evidence? Why was the anti-gay marriage constitutional emendment not on the ballot here in 2004 when all those other states ran it? Because there was no Senate seat in play in 2004, and the GOP was going to win TN by a comfortable margin anyway. This year there's a Senate seat in play, so it's back to "gay bashing as political strategy".

Abortion: "It's murder! Elect us and we'll get rid of it." Meanwhile, we're coming up on 35 years since Roe vs. Wade, and the Supreme Court that was supposed to be some miracle salve to get rid of it has been in place for some time now. Much like a doctor performing a brain scan on the president, their voter base is standing around saying "Where is it?"

Immigration was "barbarians at the gates" at its most pathetic, though. Reasonable people can disagree over abortion. Reasonable people can disagree over startegy against terrorist groups (Although there aren't too many reasonable people left willing to make the case that attacking the wrong country was a smart idea). It's less reasonable to believe that two gay men being allowed to marry affects your own marriage somehow, but you don't have to be completely insane to take the conservative stance.

But the immigration issue is a whole different story. The greatest luxuries are made by the most humble of hands, as you'll see if you visit any construction site in Germantown, Collierville, or Cordova. You'll find a group of otherwise honest people that escaped a nation with no economic opportunities that entered this country without crossing the t's and dotting the i's. They're hardly the first undocumented people to enter this country--- The "wop" insult handed out to Italians meant "without papers".

Mexicans are the new Italians. And the new Irish. And the new Chinese. And the new "every ethnic group that small minded Americans see fit to portray as the enemy".

It's sold to us as a "security issue". So tell me--- How many 9/11 hijackers entered this nation through Mexico? If stopping immigration as a security issue was legit, don't you think there would have been a radical decrease in student visas, the means through which they actually entered? There were only 512 more rejected last year than in 2001, so we can rule that out.

It's language and culture. If you don't believe me, try listening to rightwing mouthpiece Michael Savage sometime. There are barbarians at the gates--- And only THEY stand between them and you! Panic! Run for the hills! If we don't build a giant wall (Using cheap Mexican labor, naturally), they'll destroy this nation by building cheaper housing!

The goal of every liberal this year should be the education of some sap that's bought into a wedge issue argument, so they can see the truth--- That Republicans will never fix a problem today that they can run on tomorrow.


John Harvey said...

Seems a democrat agrees that illegal aliens are a problem. This is a quote from Democratic Governor - Phil Bredesen.
Bredesen also said he would like to create a law enforcement database of information of every arrest that involves a person suspected to be an illegal immigrant. That way, he said, authorities will be able to track people who are arrested repeatedly without being deported. At least two immigrants accused recently of serious crimes in the Nashville area have been arrested numerous times. A Davidson County grand jury report blamed poor communication among local and federal law enforcement officials. Gustavo Reyes Garcia had been jailed at least 14 times prior to allegedly driving drunk and smashing into a sedan last month, killing a Mt. Juliet couple. Ruben Hernandez Martinez was cited or arrested three times on misdemeanor charges before police said he began terrorizing women, committing a series of armed home invasions and rapes in Nashville in 1997 and 1998. He was jailed in Nashville last month after being extradited from Mexico.

autoegocrat said...

John, you're framing this as a black-or-white choice, and it's not so.

Freedonian is not making the case that illegal immigration is not a problem, nor is Governor Bredesen endorsing the House immigration bill.

It's not a question of 'are you for or against illegal immigration,' because any sane person is, of course, against it.

If his post can be winnowed down to a fine point, it would probably be this: "When the GOP beats the war drums, do you get up and dance?"

Freedonian said...

Phil Bredesen? Hell, I thought you said it was a Democrat.

John, you told me not too long ago about having a house built. Were you checking green cards every day? I daresay you probably weren't, so you're benefitting from illegal immigration, same as we all are.

When you stop for fast food, do you eat tomatoes? Some of the fast food giants (Particularly Taco Bell) are so big on using contractors that use illegal labor that a TB contractor shot a teenaged Mexican kid for trying to escape off of the farm a few years back.

The people that come here end up being victimized over and over. A migrant farm worker can expect to end up living in conditions not seen this side of Bangladesh in rat-infested, flea-infested dormitories (And I use that term loosely; They're actually metal sheds with a couple of dozen bunks in them) in exchange for 2/3 of their paychecks paid back to the slavemasters as "room and board".

I don't believe in punishing the victims. So I'll not back any idea of immigration "reform" that further criminalizes not being willing to starve in a land with no economic opportunity.

And you will never convince me to by holding Phil Bredesen up as an example of a liberal ideal. I'm sure he's a liberal ideal to a Republican--- He disagrees with you guys so seldom that you're not even giving him any real opposition. I've spoken to the man before--- He's about as much a Democrat as you are, John.

Pam said...

Illegal immigration? Hell Harvey Boy, you are just 'bout right. From them two guys you just pointed out, it's clear that they all are nothing but terrorist criminal threaths to all Americans. Let's criminalize them all, prosecute them all, and then deportate their happy asses back to them banana countries they came from.

But once your tax bill goes up because of deportation costs; and you can not afford to have your new house built; and you have pay 10 bucks for a tomato; don't you dare to come back asking "...but, what happened to Pedro?"

Immigrants, whether illegal or not, helped you and your ancestors get where you are right now --and they will help you get where you want to get in the future. They make your life easier and cheaper. If you object to that, then fine. Pay 10 bucks for a tomato; and conform to the house in which you currently reside; and pay higher taxes to start yet another unwarranted GOP sponsored war -- because that is as good as you are going to get by persecuting them damned aliens.

Freedonian said...

From the Goddess's mouth to your ear, John. Her Hotness has spoken and her will be done.

You know, a very dear friend of mine's mother was killed by an illegal alien driving drunk.

I could do as you do, and pretend that incidents like this are typical. Or I could point out that 12% of DUI arrests being Hispanic (Note the distinction between that and "illegal" which those trying to argue your point seldom do) means that 88% are other races.