Friday, September 29, 2006

From an Asset to a Liability

I'm getting word today that Bob Corker has started push polling against Harold Ford Jr. in the US Senate race. One of the questions deals with voter fraud in the Ford family. Vehemently Pro-Ford blogger Chris Jackson has denied that anything of the kind ever took place.

Not so fast, Mr. Jackson. Even if you accept the theory that Ophelia knew absolutely nothing about the cemetary vote that turned out for her in the special election against Terry Roland, there's still a problem.

Isaac Ford, who lives well outside of District 29, voted in that election. His was one of the "Big 13" contested votes, along with radio host Jennings Bernard.

You've got Isaac running around like a loose cannon, Jake humiliating the family by not knowing enough to discuss any issues, both of them showing up at Harold Ford Jr. events, and now they're being used against Jr. in a push poll.

What does it take to get Harold Ford Jr. to shuffle off the albatross around his neck?


Anonymous said...

I got one of those Corker push poll calls last week. From the way they phrased those 4-5 questions you would have thought Junior was on the grassy knoll AND at Ford Theater AND knows where Jimmy Hoffa is!

nut-meg said...

Oh I hope they call me!

They won't of course. There is no way I can be confused with a potential Republican voter.

|A fan of Jake Ford said...

Are you some fanatical nut or what? Why the hell would you expect Harold Jr. to distance himself from his brother? You people never stop do you? Have you distanced yourself from any member of your family? If so... it figures....

Freedonian said...

Wow... A self-described "fan of Jake Ford" calls ME a nut?

You know, if I was taking money from the Democratic Party and letting my leech of a brother work the crowd at my campaign stops to run against the Democratic nominee, I would have an ethical problem with that.

But that's just me.

If I was running for the Senate and my brothers were humiliating me to the point that I lost double digits in my home district (And if you're any kind of insider, you know damn well that I'm right), then I would ask them to stay away from my campaign events at the very least.

But that's just me.

Jake and Isaac are delusional if they think they're doing anything but hurting Harold's chances to get elected. Forget about him distancing himself from them for a moment--- Those two should show some love for their brother by quitting this ridiculous fiasco.

It's political Darwinism--- The Ford political gene pool would be made stronger by their abrupt exit.

Harold Ford Sr. was a great congressman. I take issues with a lot of Harold Jr's record, but I want him in the Senate. I'm a Democrat, and I support Democratic candidates.

But again, that's just me.

In this case, supporting the Democratic candidate means encouraging him to get rid of the cinder blocks that are weighing him down.

If Harold won't drop those two like bad habits, then they need to drop themselves to quit hurting him.