Friday, September 15, 2006


(In response to Freed's previous post and this Space Ninja's post)

Ok, people. Let's cut the BS. Moral support from Jr. to Jake I can understand and live with, but anything beyond that is a slap in the face of the voters of the 9th Congressional District.

I don't mind Jr. and Jake exchanging quips over the phone in regards to campaign strategy and tips, but I do have a HUGE problem with Jr. using his senatorial campaign resources --made available to him primarily by Democrats-- to promote and advance his brother's independent candidacy against the legitimate Democratic Candidate.

Many of the people that have contributed to Jr.’s campaign are also supporters of Steve Cohen. When they donated to Jr., they did not do so with the intention of financing his little brother’s campaign as well. Had they known that this scenario could happen, many would have more likely withheld their wallets as well as their votes. Jr. should know better. If Jr.’s supporters wish to donate to Jake’s campaign as well, they should follow proper and legitimate channels as established by law and give to Jake’s campaign directly.

Moreover, throughout the primary and until recently, many of Steve Cohen’s volunteers and interns joined efforts with Harold Ford’s campaign in promoting both candidates for the sake of Party unity and Republican defeat. And this is how Jr. pays them back?

Jr.'s use of this newly found brotherly loyalty and devotion to justify his "neutral" position in this race is as questionable as Jake's motives for running for office. Jr.'s covert operations and unofficial endorsement of his brother in this race is an offense that should not be tolerated, especially in light of his brother’s direct involvement in the slanderous website attacking Sen. Cohen.

I expected this behavior from Jake, but I am truly disappointed with Harold’s role in this mess. I thought he was above this kind of deception and I thought he cared more about the constituents and supporters he has represented for the past 10 years. Evidently, he cares as much for the 9th District as W cares about the environment. Due to these incidents, plus many more still under development, I have sadly reached the conclusion that neither one is fit for public service. What a shame.


Freedonian said...

Yet another extraordinarily well written missive from the lovely Pam.

You said it, babe, and you said it so well that all I can think to say is "Wow."

LeftWingCracker said...

She's dead-on. I posted a link to this at LWC...

English Rose said...

The Final Word on the Campaign Rally

Memphis Flyer reporter Jackson Baker took the loose threads in our story about Jake Ford’s possible collusion with his brother, untied the knots, and found the single straight line:

Subsequent to the event, the impression got out in some quarters that it had been an affair for College Democrats (it wasn’t - though they, like other Democrats, had been invited and responded) in which, according to a widely circulated email from a University of Memphis student:

“Apparently, after Junior was done speaking, his fucktard brother got a chance to speak to the volunteer base that we acquired for Junior.”

Hearsay of this sort begat further hearsay, and soon an honest blogger or two had picked up on a gathering outrage among supporters of 9th District Democratic nominee Steve Cohen that the “fucktard brother” (i.e., independent congressional candidate Jake Ford) had benefited from what had now, in some tellings, become a “handoff” at the rally from Rep. Ford.

Actually, nothing of the sort occurred.

Jake Ford had been no more than one member of the large and milling crowd. He had no role in the proceedings, which ended after his congressman brother left to go join the Rev. Ben Hooks for the dedication of a Whitehaven Job Corps center in Hooks’ honor.

If Jake Ford “worked the crowd” afterward (as a revised version of the ever-shifting story had it), then so did anybody else who had been in the throng. It was just a case of a large gathering breaking off into isolated conversational clumps as people made their way out the door.

[Jackson Baker]

This conflicts with our previous reporting, and we owe our readers an explanation.

Our sources, who were eyewitnesses to the event, maintain that Jake Ford “worked the crowd” and furthermore, “held court.”

However much we stand by our sources, we are also aware that multiple eyewitnesses to the same event will percieve it differently according to their own biases.

We defer to Jackson Baker’s account of the campaign rally, and we are grateful to him for his correction.

The purpose of this website is to provide voters with the information they need to make good choices at the ballot box.

We contend that the corporate news outlets do not take their role in politics as seriously as they should in order to preserve a healthy democracy.

We hope to attain to the high standards of journalism set by Jackson Baker at the Memphis Flyer, Marc Perrusquia at the Commercial Appeal, and a precious few others in the Memphis media.

But we have much work to do before we get there, and we will undoubtedly make mistakes along the way.

We ask that you, our dear readers, bear with us as we find our footing, and please keep in mind that this website has not even been officially launched yet.

Once we broke our first story, the site took on a life of its own, and we were caught unprepared for what came next. Original reporting is only one part of our manifold mission, and we have much more in store for you as time passes.

We hope that you will check back with us after our official launch, at which time we will have all of our regular features in place.

Jake Ford was indeed present at the rally, he was indeed speaking to those present, but we have no concrete evidence to support the claim that he was “working the crowd.”

We do not know exactly what Jake Ford was doing there, but before we say anything for sure in the future, we are going to base our reporting on more solid data that can withstand greater scrutiny.

We apologize to our readers, and to Jake and Harold Ford Jr., for presenting unconfirmed conjecture as verified fact. We will not make that same mistake again.

Derek Haire
Editor and Administrator
River City Mud Bugle