Friday, October 13, 2006

Even Worse Than We Knew...

From Jackson Baker's masterful "Jake Ford's Attacks on Family: Then and Now":

The chronology of arrests, however, shows that at least one of them, for DUI, occurred in 1994, well after his father’s acquittal of all charges during the second of his two trials. And another charge admitted to Thursday by Jake Ford, assault against a former girl friend, occurred at some unspecified point in the ‘90s.

How can any woman fathom voting for Jake Ford at this point? Getting in a bar fight would be one thing... I could probably overlook that. But a former girlfriend? Come on...

But here's the Jake Ford money quote:

“I’m the one who inherited my father’s political sense, my brother Isaac is the one who got the business sense, and all Harold got was the name.”

Isaac is a hothead. Jake Ford has no political sense. While I may disagree with his brother much of the time, I wouldn't trade one of Harold Jr's fingernail clippings for a pile of Isaacs and Jakes.

His uncle has been indicted for taking bribes. His brother Isaac committed voter fraud. But Jake Ford has become the family's greatest disgrace.


Anonymous said...

Jake Ford is an embarrassment to both the the district and his family.

His election to public office (any public office) would surely bring about scandal & shame to Tennessee.

I attended both forums that Ford participated in recently. Not since the wit & wisdom of Dan Quayle has the electorate been exposed to such butter-knife like wit, offered by the deer-in-the headlights Mr.Ford.

At one point during the previous forum, Mr. Ford proposed to reduce crime by putting less police officers on our streets and implying that 'crime' was a by-product of gentrification. His rambling, inability to focus on the questions put before him and his constant attempts at mudslinging prompted laughter and derision from the audience. At one point, the 'honorable' candidate seemed to lose his patience with his potential constituents. One wonders if Mr.Ford is unable to govern his own outbursts at public forum, how does hope to offer governance to our district?

I could care less if he did drugs in the past, (I just wish that he wouldn't do them immediately before attending a public forum) or that he may have assaulted his father, girlfriend, or brother. The way a man conducts himself in private is his business after all.

But when a man runs for public office then, we must allow ourselves to try and look into not the 'color of his skin, but the content of his character'. We are at that moment is history, foretold by a man of great character that served the people to the deepest level.

My family has been involved in Democratic party politics since my Grandfather & Father supported Harold Ford Sr. & Jr.

Jake Ford IS NO Harold Ford (Sr. or Jr.)

This district (like our nation) is in serious need of good political leadership, from men of good character, whose proven commitment to the people is on record.

The only record(s) that we may have of Jake Ford is arrests, GED test scores and 'some' college transcripts.

Mr. Ford is a dangerous mix of divisive racial politics and ambition. Not that this district is any stranger to such antics, but it would refreshing to have politicians that were truly (truthfully) unifying in their message & mission.

Be assured, Jake Ford's commitment is to himself, a self that has so far proven to be vain, arrogant and at the very least 'troubled'.

If, Mr.Ford is truly interested in the public good, he should do the public an honorable service: withdraw, sir and allow men of better character to serve our district.

Mr. Ford, you are truly interested in serving your fellow man, may I suggest Habitat for Humanity, MIFA or something better suited to your qualifications like the many of several Taco Bell locations throughout the state. You do a great dis-service to the Democratic Party and the democratic process, by continuing your candidacy.

Anonymous said...

I'm a progressive from Memphis and we arn't voting for the opportunist because he doesn't support Democrats or progressives he supports whom his daddy tells him to. I support steve Cohen so should jr. but instead he supports his brother as an independant
over the Democratic candidate he even lets Jake use his headquarters that people are paying for? what about their phone bank asking for both Jr. and Jake sign locations together? How about volunteers trying to
help Jr. only being diverted to work for Jake? No I'm a 100% Dem but I'm going to give my vote to the other side because of the Ford family greed. I'm no Hater either I've even handed out Turkeys with Jr. in the past but no More!