Thursday, October 05, 2006

Harold Ford Jr. Gets the OJ Treatment

“They have darkened Harold Ford’s image to make a racist statement,” Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Bob Tuke told the Knoxville News Sentinel in reference to the photograph of Representative Harold Ford Jr. (TN-9) used in a recent piece of direct mail distributed by the Tennessee Republican Party on behalf of the Bob Corker Senate campaign.

The campaign literature in question features a very dark image of Harold Ford Jr. next to a solicitation of “emergency contributions” for the Corker campaign.

The image in question is an edited version of a photograph taken on June 29, 2004 when he met with the staff at Baptist Hospital to discuss healthcare issues. The original photograph can be found on Rep. Ford’s congressional website.

Tennessee Republican Party Executive Director Chris Devaney told Tom Humphrey of the Knoxville News-Sentinel that the photograph “was not enhanced in any way”.

The three photos to the left are three different versions of the photograph in question. The one on the left is a cropped version of what is on Rep. Ford’s congressional site. The one in the center has had the color removed via Photoshop. And the photograph on the right is the version that ran in the TN GOP mailer.

See the full story at the River City Mud Bugle website.


polar donkey said...

Rather than getting mad, I had just had to laugh about this photo doctoring. This is all the republicans got? When the republicans get desperate, their true nature starts show.

Anonymous said...

I think this is stooping to a new low. The republicans obviously think their supporters are idiots because it's obvious that photo was doctored. I hope that it backfires.

Ned Williams said...

Hmmm. You reckon Ford, Jr. loaned the TN GOP a quality version of the original?

bob said...

See my comments on Cracker's blog. This is way overrated. Is there anybody in TN that doesn't already know he's black? The trailer trash who didn't know wouldn't have gotten this letter. Good grief.

vibinc said...

I already ranted at RCMB about the Republican's lack of photoshop skillzz. I mean come on Corker, surely you can spend the 50 bucks to achieve a proper hatchet job.

Freedonian said...


I would also assume that Americans knew OJ was black. He hadn't killed any white people yet. He was light-skinned, well-spoken, and amiable (At least publicly). They darkened the photo because they wanted to paint a stark, scary picture of a threatening black man.

This photo was packaged with a flyer full of statements just this side of "states' rights" on the buzzword scale. So the idea that they would want to create a stark, scary image of a light-skinned, well spoken, and amiable (At least publicly) black man is not exactly out of bounds.

It actually fits with the scary imagery they go for in their new TV spot--- A guy that looks like Harold walking down a dark alley.