Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jake Ford's Arrest Record

I wasn't expecting it online until much later tonight, but the Commercial Appeal has given us a taste of tomorrow morning's cover story: Jake's arrest record.

Go check it out. Try to keep a straight face as he insists that getting arrested over and over is simply a case of "mistaken identity" and discrimination.

Also try to keep a straight face as he pretends that the stress of his father's indictment for bank fraud was so overwhelming that little Jake had no option other than attacking his father and breaking his ribs.

And I know it's tough--- But try and keep a straight face when he makes the absurd claim that slamming a fist into someone's car is the same as beating up your father.

Go ahead. Read it without laughing. I dare you. It's really pretty damn funny when a guy that was picked up on a marijuana bust tries to tell all of us that it's a horrible thing if medicinal marijuana is legalized, easing the suffering of chemotherapy patients and glaucoma sufferers.

Marijuana to ease pain and nausea = BAD.

Marijuana because you're a young wannabe thug that likes to get stoned = GOOD.

What a... JOKE. Bounce this buffoon out of the race and let him crawl back under the rock from whence he came.

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Blinders Off said...


You left out multiple sclerosis sufferers; our illness is on the list for medicinal marijuana. Unfortunately, Senator Cohen will be in Washington to push legalization here in Tennessee. I hope someone else in the State Senate continue what he was trying to do. Better yet, soon to be, Congressman Cohen can get support and overturn the Federal decision of legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Now I know why Jake is referred by many as "JOKE" Ford, he obviously needs to read more about the benefits of medicinal marijuana.

It will be a damn shame if this man wins the D9 seat.