Monday, October 23, 2006

The Judas Goat

I usually don't do this, but once in a while, I have to make an exception. I do this not to call out someone who's made a comment here, but because I think this is something that should be addressed publicly.

TennMom wrote to me in a response to another post:

As a lifelong Tennessee Democrat, I understand your frustration. I'm not thrilled with Ford's votes during this latest session but, throwing away your vote in a race this close is no solution. Yes, Ford voted with the Republicans half the time on key votes. Rest assured that Corker will vote 100% of the time for whatever Bush wants. I'll settle for 50% anti-Bush over 100% pro-Bush any day. Corker must not be elected if we are to loosen Bush's grip on Iraq and on our own freedoms. Every Democrat who refuses to vote in this race is helping Bob Corker. Now that is something to think about.

TennMom, how old are your kids? For while Ford claims to have another plan for Iraq, I expect us to be there long enough for every American kid to get a crack at fighting this one. And that's helped along by Harold Ford constantly carrying water for the Republicans. If we elect him, he'll make just enough noise about the reapportionment plan (Yet none of that noise will deal with how to keep the new neighbors from fighting one another over the borders) to say "Well, I tried. We now return you to your regularly scheduled quagmire."

This is a quote from the current Newsweek cover story: From the podium, he says he gets "in trouble with my party because I believe a government is only as good as its ability to defend itself and protect itself." (That stance wouldn't actually trouble most Democrats, but the implication that Democrats are weak on defense might.) The Republican Party, over all post-9/11 election cycles, have managed to devastate Democrats by implying that they're weak on defense. But they don't need to anymore--- They've found a Judas Goat among the Democrats to say it for them.

And now, we're supposed to want to give him a bigger pulpit to denigrate the party from? How many seats do we screw ourselves out of if we allow him to win?

His voting record only scratches the surface. Leaving the US Senate blank on my ballot may be helping Bob Corker--- But it also cuts off the gangrenous limb that threatens to destroy the Democratic Party. If keeping him out of this seat means he no longer has the chance to cost us more seats by constantly undermining us to the American public, then we've done a good thing.


rubes said...

I am struggling with this as we speak. I am in the process of filling out my absentee ballot and just cannot bring myself to fill in the bubble for HFJ. I truly do want to see a D in the senate from TN, but not at the cost of voting for someone who otherwise would not get my vote.

It's funny, the whole nation is swooning over HFJ, while the people whom he represents are getting fed up with his antics. My grandfather who lives in NY constantly tells me how highly he thinks of HFJ, mainly due to his constant appearance on Imus's show. Too which I always reply "you don't know the whole story."

I have never been a big fan of Jr. and the fact that he has had to go outside of the district to find solid support lessens my liking of him even more.

I guess the biggest problem I have is that I don't need someone in NY, even if it is my grandfather, telling me how to vote in a local election.

So maybe I will vote for Lugo, maybe I will write in Kurita, who I like and have respected since I first met her. All I know is that I truly do not want to vote for HFJ.

LeftWingCracker said...

It's sad that it has had to come to this, but I would feel like an enabler if I voted for Junior.

I refuse to do as BOB suggests and vote for Corker, but I love my party too much to vote for Ford.

Formerly Considered Moderate said...

Just a suggestion - Let's write in Jake. Serves them right.

kiljoyhardluck said...

I'm not voting for a Ford!!!!!

nut-meg said...

It crushes my soul, but I think I will have to vote for Ford. I've done a lot of thinking on it, and it's what I personally think I need to do.

I hate his involvement with the TN-9 race. I hate his votes on bankruptcy and torture, but putting Corker in would be the same thing. With Ford, we'd at least have a chance at majority, not that I think Ford will vote with Dems enough.

Also, I really really REALLY dislike Corker. I want Ford to win because for a black Democrat to get Frist's seat would be such a blow to the Repugs, even if Ford is a DINO.

I would never tell anyone not to vote their conscience though. If you can't vote for Ford, dont. Write in someone else or vote for Lugo.

I don't recommend leaving it blank though. That truly is a wasted vote. If you don't like the candidates, you need to vote against them. Write someone in.

Jeff said...

Ok. I'll say it one more time.

I'm voting for Junior because Junior has a D after his name and will caucus with real Democrats on issues like - who is the majority leader. The majority leader controls the agenda in the Senate.

It doesn't matter if Junior's votes are less than admirable. Look where he's been voting - in a Republican-controlled House. He's been voting on bills that are introduced because the Republicans allow them to be introduced.

In a Democratically-controlled Senate, the bills he votes on will (hopefully) be radically different. He won't be able to vote for a gay marriage amendment because it will never come up for a vote. He won't be able to vote on a horrible bankruptcy bill because it will never come up for a vote.

The power to keep horrible bills and amendments from becoming law BEGINS with controlling the agenda in Congress.

Let me try one more analogy. Let's say there's a murderer on board a sinking ship. The ship's going down fast. Do you stop and search everybody before allowing them into the lifeboats (not voting for Ford), or do you get everybody off the sinking ship (voting for Ford), and then search for the murderer among the survivors?

I keep reading people say they won't reward Ford with their vote. But you'll gladly punish everybody else by allowing the Republicans to maintain control of the Senate and the agenda?

Freedonian said...

Jeff, I'll say it one more time too.

How many more seats would we have if this loathsome SOB could once, just once, fight off this overwhelming urge of his to undermine his own party, its candidates, and its ideals?

Your solution gives him a bigger baseball bat to swing at our kneecaps.

I'll use an analogy of my own. Occasionally, a limb will develop gangrene. When that happens, you can lop it off, or you can die. It's true that it will likely end a promising career as an olympic sprinter, but it has to happen for the longterm health of the patient.

We are that patient right now. Will it mean we might not control the Senate for the next two years? Probably.

But as far as your bankruptcy bill example goes... Let the traitorous bastard vote for it all day long. If the House doesn't approve it, it doesn't become law.

I used to take your position. After watching him attack the Democrats for a few months longer, I realized I was wrong. By constantly undermining the Democrats when he insists that we all hate Jesus and don't believe in a strong military, he's hurting us much more than he'll ever help us.