Friday, October 06, 2006

La Cage Aux Foley II: Got Irony?

Man, someone has to hit me with some instructions on how to get footage from my cable DVR into the computer and upload it onto YouTube...

I love those "To Catch a Predator" shows on Dateline NBC. I'm violently opposed to adults preying on underage kids for sex, and I damn near jump up and cheer every time one of these sick bastards gets put in the cuffs.

I was watching one tonight--- After all this Foley stuff this week, I could stand a pick me up. I like knowing that, unlike Dennis Hastert and others, there are indeed people willing to step up and protect underage kids.

As the show drew to a close, they ran a teaser talking about Mark Foley. So I started recording.

Until I figure out how to do the whole video thing, here's a transcript:

Voiceover: As the Pedaluma Police book the last of the men arrested in this operation the total number of sex predators exposed by Dateline rises to 179.

The attention our investigations receive has grown as well; All the way to Capitol Hill.

[Cut to Sen. Bill First on the Senate floor]
Frist: Dateline was able to nab fifty internet child sex predators.

[Cut to footage of Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) walking and waving]
Voiceover: But in the last week, the issue of online sexual misconduct has been in the spotlight in Washington for a whole different reason.

Congressman Mark Foley, the man who championed the Child Protection Act of 2006, resigned after inappropriate emails and instant messages surfaced that he sent to former congressional pages.

Ironically, Foley went on MSNBC's Scarborough Country to talk about this very issue.

Scarborough: Mark, are you telling me that courts across this country are saying it's a pervert's right to send an email to a 14 year old kid?

Foley: [Nodded his head the entire time Scarborough asked the question] We have been foiled, if you will, by the courts repeatedly by using the First Amendment and people's right to have free speech... That's why we tried to toughen the laws. That's why we tried to create a more difficult time for predators to roam free.

Voiceover: And Foley even praised Dateline.

Foley: The Dateline piece has probably done more than any law we could create. Hopefully, more people will be forewarned...

Voiceover: And ironically adding...

Foley: And certainly, more people that have seen this segment that may be thinking about interacting with a child may go ahead and get mental health counseling.

As my friend Pesky might say, I'm shitting you negative. You simply cannot make this stuff up.


autoegocrat said...
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autoegocrat said...

Working on getting the TiVo to YouTube thing figured out right now.

If there's a better example of phychological projection than Mark Foley, I don't know what it is.

Blinders Off said...

That was a good ending on Datline. What you do in the dark eventually comes out in the light.