Monday, October 02, 2006

Like Scary Movies?

The most terrifying movie this year isn't the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot... There are no slashers, no monsters, no Orcs, and no goblins anywhere to be found

Just one ghost and a guy who came back to life.

"Jesus Camp"

Here's a nice clip of the kiddies worshipping a cardboard cutout of George W. Bush. Don't knock it--- It could outsmart the real thing.

When I was reading up on this movie, someone referred to the CAP Christian movie reviews of other films. I got there, and this was a fine sample of what I found.

From their Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring review:

"...the Wanton Violence/Crime and Offense to God scores were both zero, indicating an extremely graphic movie in violence and extremely concentrated in unholy/evil issues...

The bottom line is that God clearly commands that witchcraft, sorcery and wizardry are evil. He gives no situations under which these evils are not evil: no conditions under which these evils may be tolerated. There is no such thing as a "good" witch. Not even Wendy."

Be careful. These folks mean what they say.


PeskyFly said...

The word "Christian" should upset no one. The phrase, "radical Christian should terrify all.

newscoma said...

The commercials alone sort of creep me out.

Pam said...

It seems to me like a frightening US hybrid version of a Taliban's Madrasah and a Nazi Youth Camp.

We all now how those ended up...