Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Single Issue Voters

I had been trying like hell to avoid a political discussion with this guy. I was in my workplace, and I try to avoid bringing my politics there. Plus, he walked in complaining about how a travel show with a scene of girls in bikinis was getting in the way of him "living for Jesus". I'm a little fuzzy on how--- It seemed like Taliban-esque thought processes to me. "Men see women flesh and can't control impure thoughts".

Over the course of my discussion with him, he kept trying to steer it back to politics. A discussion of a piece of equipment being made in Japan led him back to NAFTA (Making him geographically murky in addition to morally murky), and then finally, he came out with this nugget:

"I have to vote Republican," he said. "It's the abortion issue. But I'm voting for them while holding my nose."

I closed my eyes for a second. I was as annoyed with his constant urge to discuss politics as I was with his reason for voting Republican.

"If I had to vote Republican," I said slowly, "I would have to hold my nose too." And that was the end of the discussion for me.

Had I been in a position to discuss it at greater length, I might have asked him: Just what has the Republican Party done about this whole abortion thing?

With the exception of one Carter term and two Clinton terms, Republicans have dominated the White House in the post Roe vs Wade era. What have they done to illegalize abortion, or for that matter, even curtail the number of aborions being performed? What has been the result of four years of total Republican domination?

Answer: Absolutely nothing. Much like Osama bin Laden and illegal immigration, these are not "problems" that the GOP wants to "fix"--- These are issues they want to run on at election time.

People who oppose abortion should instead look at candidates that actually want to prevent abortions by funding proper sex education in the schools (I know people aren't comfortable with the notion of teachers teaching their kids these things, but someone needs to pick up the slack for the parents not doing their jobs). They need to get behind candidates that believe in making birth control more easily available.

But most importantly--- They need to learn the difference between candidates that want to talk about a problem and candidates that want to solve one.

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nut-meg said...

Actually, quite a bit has happened to limit abortion rights.

But they'll never overturn Roe v Wade. If they do, they'll have nothing.

For a while I thought that gay marriage was to be the new abortion, and they'd use that instead once they overturned Roe v Wade. But polling indicates that people under the age of 30 do not have a problem with gy marriage.